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We asked Ford Motor Company Facebook fans what their routine maintenance questions were and Tom Jawor, Senior Master Technician, at Pat Milliken Ford in Redford, Michigan answered them for us. For more about Ford and your Ford vehicle, visit:

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6 Responses to “A Senior Master Technician answers Ford Facebook questions about routine maintenance”

  1. StangBang35 says:


  2. StangBang35 says:

    When getting an 95 taurus sho is it better to get the manual or auto?

  3. northsiderollers says:

    @StangBang35 i say whatever speaks to you and watever u are more confortable with. if your want to race and drive it hard. manual. if u want it as a daily driver and every now and then enjoy the extra power, auto 🙂

  4. FORNEYJMSE says:

    Tom you are my hero!!!!! weenershnitzel

  5. elmexicandehoustone says:

    @StangBang35 awww shucks, i wanted #11111!!!

  6. YTBYlover says:

    Way to go Ford! Always there for the customer!

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