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Amsoil EA Filters – Vehicle Maintenance

George explains how the superior quality of Amsoil EA filters are easy to maintain. The Amsoil EA filter he uses on his truck can last up to 100000 miles! That is a cost effective and an environmental solution on maintaining your vehicle!

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5 Responses to “Amsoil EA Filters – Vehicle Maintenance”

  1. DBone20 says:

    Shouldn’t you blow from the clean side of the filter out? When you use an air gun and blow from the dirty side in, you just force the dirt deeper into the media.

  2. pcfxer says:


  3. TheBoxerDogs says:

    That’s not how you do a maintenance, sorry, this was an advertisement, not an advice.

  4. Boodieman72 says:

    Doesn’t matter with the Amsoil EaA filters, because of the nano-fibers are on the surface of the “dirty” side.

  5. RazsterTW says:

    It was cleaned on the correct side, but not at a 45degree angle as recommended, also recommended between 15/20lbs air.

    This AMSoil filter stomps my old K&N.

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