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silly woman washes her car with a power washer INSIDE HER CAR!!!

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25 Responses to “At The Car Wash woman washing inside her car with a power washer”

  1. 187JCA says:

    Maybe it was a hot day so she was just cooling it out!! jajaj

  2. gypsyblueeyes098 says:

    lol shes on crack

  3. freakskater854 says:

    thats why woman shouldn’t have cars

  4. hebneh says:

    Now when she drives around with a soaked interior and the windows up, she’ll have a sort of portable sauna. Maybe she’s intending to sweat off some of her excess weight that way.

    Only possible downside could be that the windows will steam up and make it hard to see, but I suspect she won’t be bothered by that.

  5. KimIrfanTV says:

    hey woman! get back to the kitchen!

  6. superparker452 says:

    idiot proof. its what makes a subaru, a subaru

  7. dimseeeen says:

    how is she gonna drive home…

  8. andymate2006 says:

    It’s probably not her car. Maybe her ex husbands. Getting revenge on him.

  9. calenitosolo1 says:

    @angryadrien damn you can be a godamn forensic science pro….jajajajajaja

  10. VZGproductions says:

    That isn’t stupid, she’s being efficient!

    = D

  11. Static615 says:

    holy shit…hahaha that gotta be the dumbest person alive :D:D:D

  12. ozaki1 says:

    lol wtf’s this women doing out here? Where’s her kitchin…

  13. MsViviane25 says:

    Echt der Hammer, ob Sie wohl ärger mit ihrem Mann hat??

  14. AmericanEric says:

    I love the part where she washes the inside of her car with a power washer.

  15. Arturs007 says:

    blond hair, pink pants, its just says everything 😛

  16. D1G1TALMAF1A says:

    Damn, no wonder I got that car so cheap!

  17. EviL80iE says:

    5) she smokes pipes

  18. LaidbackPlayboy says:

    The inside must of been real dirty….

  19. jimimmm says:

    dank ass bitch! get back in the kitchen

  20. rob92376 says:

    Mold Dee is her name of her car.

  21. TojoPanther says:

    The kid looks a little dirty too – why not give him a quick shot? Just around the face where he has some graham cracker crumbs.

  22. LadyJoCroft says:


  23. Athrunwong says:

    she just wants the whole car clean….

  24. efemall says:

    now if she’d only apply this technique to her vag

  25. ill7291 says:

    sarcasm man

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