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Auto Body: Dent & Rust Repair – 1 of 6

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25 Responses to “Auto Body: Dent & Rust Repair – 1 of 6”

  1. TheBlueToyota says:

    i have a question. i have a 20 year old toyota with large holes in the roker panels from rust. since this is a structural part of the car (for jacking) i cannot fill it with auto body putty. what should i do.

  2. funnyskater3 says:

    his voice….its just so flat and borrrrrrrring… really good info though makes me want to but a junker car even more

  3. bender2o says:

    its a bodyshop job, they’d have to cut the rusted piece out, weld a new piece in, sand it down to fit and spray it to blend it in, its the only real way to get rid of cancerous rust

  4. TheBlueToyota says:

    is it possible if i just did it without reinforcing the roker panel because i think im good enough to do this.

  5. bender2o says:

    im sure if you got the same thickness metal or a little thicker and welded it in properly, aslong as the welds are stong, it should hold fine, but if i were you i’d send a quick email to a bodyshop and just ask there opinion aswell, it would be fine in my opinion though.

  6. TheBlueToyota says:

    thank you. im 13 and love to fix things and this is a 20 year old car so i just want to use it as a pratice car so its ok if i fuck up.

  7. drjim86 says:

    I like these videos because they are good diy without using a lot of expensive equipment. Obviously not meant to restore a classic car but would help freshen up a daily driver that wouldn’t justify a $3000 body job.

  8. jaggajatt08 says:

    i like his hair

  9. obcaraudio says:

    lol from 0:20 to 0:41, it looks like there is a real pistol being pointed at his head

  10. 50jofa says:

    the rocker is not just structure for jacking but also structure or the entire vehicle.. the rocker will need to be cut out “at proper cut points” and a new rocker properly weldied back in. in must be strong but not stronger then ment to be from factory

  11. evanellakb says:


  12. tomhotrod87 says:

    anybody actually going to follow things get a better mask your lungs will last longer

  13. YouSpamTard says:

    Its ok to make rockers stronger. Not frame rails, but rockers are OK. Cars are made with whats called impact zones, but the passenger compartment is not made to absorb energy. Well kind of it is, like windshield posts from a front end wreck, but all in all, that part of the car, the passenger compartment is not made to give way. Its a gray area. If a B pillar is right next to a persons shoulder, is it better to have it give so less energy is passed into the compartment, or better ridged.

  14. MadSmokerBBQ says:

    oh that’s hilarious!

  15. MadSmokerBBQ says:

    the cheapo Harbor Freight respirator is $20 and a thousand times better than dust masks – breathes easy, doesn’t fog the goggles and
    has replaceable filters. When I started using this I quit blowing rusty mud buggars after grinding.

  16. bbokainen says:

    wow, that looks nothing like “a real pistol” why are you such a dumb bitch

  17. Killiiminati says:

    also when you work outside?

  18. tomhotrod87 says:

    yes even outside i have a Friend in need of a double lung transplant, and i dont think you want that. its better to be safe then dead

  19. vmodrak1 says:

    Mullets rule!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. FistsOfTime says:

    25 seconds in and this video is already amazing. i hope this video was shot this year.

  21. FistsOfTime says:


  22. 95steveexplorer says:


  23. kamchuka says:

    mullet….check, fuckin bitchin mustache….check…..awesomeness….check….begin

  24. Zakkwilder1982 says:

    Billy Ray Cyrus FTW!!!!

  25. KrisKustomPaint says:

    Hacks…. terrible hacks.

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