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Auto Body: Dent & Rust Repair – 2 of 6

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18 Responses to “Auto Body: Dent & Rust Repair – 2 of 6”

  1. tattoodad says:

    cool thanks ive got a cheap harbor freight slide hammer so iam gonna get the kind you got

  2. mikesfastgt says:

    why even fix this hulk of crap? I’d say junk it and buy a vette.

  3. christianwilliams247 says:

    typical douchebag response

  4. mikesfastgt says:

    Dude I wasnt picking on ya, I was making fun of the car! NOT the video in general. It was a helpful video so relax and take a chill pill . Nice Mullet

  5. OHHGEEE says:

    my neighbours are going to love me when i start banging the slide hammer tonight

  6. cutegirl1982 says:

    9:08 Haha. He blew that all over his buddy!

  7. TheBlueToyota says:

    i think i would take the hulk of crap over a vette.

  8. outlawICE says:

    thanks for all the info vids 101!

  9. mikeyes11 says:

    Its hard to not think about how friggin nerdy they’re talking. This is what black people are talking about when they make fun of white people talking, they talk like the mechanic..”Hey Bob, How the hell are ya buddy!” lol, ya know what I mean? But anyway, the info is great, I love the stud idea..

  10. BMan100 says:

    you are AWSOME

  11. llaracuente says:

    do not drill a hole in the metal!! it exposes the other side and will, over time corrode.

  12. DALE97DSM says:

    cool, how much would that studgun cost.

  13. mjovanovic says:

    Kind of useless since all of the “consumer level” tools are ignored and they use pro-tools instead.

  14. ACLTony says:

    Excellent job with the filler application. General rule for thickness is 1/16″ and should be no thicker than 1/4″.

  15. Zakkwilder1982 says:

    @mjovanovic How are these simple tools Pro? Just wondering as I have all of these in the tool box in my pinto wagon ;P

  16. Zakkwilder1982 says:

    Are these guy Canadian? Or just everyday North people?

  17. Zakkwilder1982 says:

    Are these guy Canadian? Or just everyday North people? P.S Thats a huge fucking Drill!!

  18. Garthman03 says:

    Don’t use cardboard for mixing filler, it will absorb the resin in the filler which will cause it to fail not having the right amount of resin. if you want to do it the right way, all auto parts stores have a ‘filler board’ for about 10 bucks.. you’re there anyways getting the filler.. in a pinch, I’ve used a flattened milk carton..

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