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Auto Body: Dent & Rust Repair – 3 of 6

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19 Responses to “Auto Body: Dent & Rust Repair – 3 of 6”

  1. totoykaguran says:

    thank u for posting

  2. ladedk says:

    Remember your masks, guys!! Safety first.

  3. mathhead99 says:

    seems easy in theory

  4. kentacoma67 says:

    It’s is easy if you have the right tools for the job, and the knowledge.

  5. blue828nc says:

    Help alot thanks

  6. j0k3rt3ars says:


  7. WranglerYJ91 says:

    Pretty good except i learned from exp. to work the grinded edge with 80 grit and let your putty run over edge to fill in deep grinding marks. Always come behind 80 grit with 180 grit before you prime. If not the primer will shrink and sand scratches will show in matter of days. especcially laquer primer. best to let primer dry 24 hrs. before sanding to help avoid shrinkage. Not saying im a know it all just cant sleep seeing how others do mudd work lol

  8. llaracuente says:

    sand body filler with 40 grit once straight, sand with 80 to make it smooth, hit it up with polyester putty sand with 100g smooth it with 180, also feather edge old paint and primer with 180g

  9. llaracuente says:

    as faR as primer , use a primer filler then use black primer very lightly as a guide coat to find hard to see scratches, sand that with 500or 600g 500 is better,

  10. oldchevyw says:

    what a joke,an auto body shop?
    I need to sell my sata and get me one of those handles for a spray can to paint with

  11. ricepop says:

    hey guys pretty sure your dust masks arent going to protect you from deadly vapors.

  12. allhunting says:

    so a few years ago i went to napa and had them mix me some green paint in a rattle can for my truck. i picked it up and turns out it was red. so i went back there and raised some hell and got a new can of green. got that home and that was dark green. my truck is light green. dont buy your paint from napa

  13. DALE97DSM says:

    buy your paint from sherwin willams they carrie pPg,duPont and house of color.

  14. temps425 says:

    This is a great video for DIY repairing paint on old cars/trucks

  15. lucasmorter says:

    @ladedk yeah but just so everyone knows a paper dust mask like that does not protect you against the paint fumes while painting you need to wear a respirator with an organic vapor filter and the masks these guys are wearing only keep dust out

  16. sh0rtw4ve says:

    @kentacoma67 lol thank you captain obvious isnt that true for just about anything

  17. ladedk says:

    Exactly!! that’s why they come off as dumbasses.

  18. Garthman03 says:

    Point or order.. good idea to feather edge the sand scratches around the outside before applying filler, just in case you go a little too far a fluck up your filler work..

  19. Ibanez616 says:

    That guy paints like a fuckin retard.

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