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Auto Body: Dent & Rust Repair – 5 of 6

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7 Responses to “Auto Body: Dent & Rust Repair – 5 of 6”

  1. seanseanseanseansean says:

    Ya, use smooth even coats. There’s no need to keep stabbing at the primed area like that.

  2. willoby61726 says:

    that is the wrong way to paint!! Dont start and stop on the panel youre painting. it will cause heavy and light spots in the finish. start and stop off the panel to achieve the best results

  3. llaracuente says:

    goddamn mudslingers!!

  4. AMSroadrunner says:

    Whats the problem with using the red stuff as a bit of a filler?

  5. MarkCavan2 says:

    Geez, Randy sure has a depressing voice.

  6. prayfortruejustice says:

    In what cases or when would you “wet sand” in between coats?

  7. mjovanovic says:

    These aren’t classic cars people…

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