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6 Responses to “Auto Body Repair – Nicks, Scratches, Dents – 2 of 4”

  1. Bigjuice27the1 says:

    you know that this is one of the greatest tutorial video I ever watch great job!

  2. wardubo says:

    yes it is. It is very discriptive

  3. jesus70890 says:

    does spray paint primer work good as real paint primer?

  4. barthmonster says:

    no, spray primer is not very long-lasting or water-sealing. Also the paint on this video is lacquer touch-up paint and is very low quality…

  5. youdragon says:

    my clear coat on my hood is comeing off how can i fix that?

  6. 21380 says:

    Very good DIY tutorial. I´d prefer proper primers from rattlecan primes, because they put more stuff on surface.
    But rattlecan is cheap,fast way 🙂

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