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4 Responses to “Auto Body Repair – Nicks, Scratches, Dents – 3 of 4”

  1. Sean2Z says:

    @67dodgepolara ??

  2. sleepland says:

    bas de caisse

  3. kevcarspray says:

    this is old school repair procedures. These are longer used and haven’t been in years. Latest products and procedures are much quicker and efficient.

    If i was to do the repairs like this at the garage i work i’d probably only manage 2 or 3 repairs per day as apose to 9 to 11 i do at the mo

  4. messylaura says:

    @kevcarspray true but the vid is more for the novice at home, what they didn’t tell you is if you have a metallic or pearl base colour, you don’t sand between base and clear
    spray the base in light coats then clear straight over after the base has dried of a little bit
    if you sand the metallic or pearl base it ruins the way the effect lays

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