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Auto Body Tools : Auto Body Hand Tools

Auto body hand tools include different sized sockets, scrapers and screwdrivers that help pull off fenders and remove car doors. Collect a few basic tools that can be used for repairs with help from an auto body mechanic in this free video on car repair tools. Expert: Joel Jones Contact: Bio: Joel Jones has an associate’s degree in automotive repair and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical and manufacturing engineering. Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson

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4 Responses to “Auto Body Tools : Auto Body Hand Tools”

  1. MtLBenzZ says:

    impact sockets are the way to go

  2. DieselCrawler86 says:

    Impact sockets can be used on a ratchet as well as air tool, They are by far the best way to go. You also should show the styles of pry bars as well as hammers you should have like a dead blow, ball peen etc. A full face safety shield is a good to have item as well. You should have a basic punch and chisel set as well.

  3. migmstr says:

    I love that old Craftsman box. That is back when they really made stuff. I do not want to come across as critical, but after doing bodywork for 25 years on a production scale, you really want to keep the stuff more organized so that you know where every tool is every time you go to use it. Though I have seen guys even at dealerships with a rats nest in their boxes, it pays to be organized.

  4. alanthomas123 says:

    You look like, your infavour of not cleaning and storing your tools correctly!. It does not matter if you use your tools for a Hobby or for your living, you should always at the end of the day clean and lightly oil your tools before storing them in a clean Tool Box or Tool Chest. That way you prolong the working life of your Tools and will always be able to find them when needed.

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