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To fix a small rust spot on a car, simply use a car polish and cloth to firmly rub off all excess rust. Apply touch-up paint to cover the resulting chip with help from the owner of an auto detailshop in this free video on car maintenance. Expert: Diesel Contact: Bio: Diesel is the owner and operator of 4U2C Detailing. He has owned his own business since 1998 and has been detailing cars for more than 20 years. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

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2 Responses to “Auto Detailing & Maintenance : How Do I Fix a Small Rust Spot on My Car?”

  1. urkingod says:

    Wow, I love all your work~!

  2. urkingod says:

    Can you do a video on how to touch up paint on spot like this? I got spot like this here and there on my engine hood. I am not sure if I did it right… washed a car, used a touch up paint, let it dry, sanded with 2000 grid, rubbing compound and rubbed it, put clear coat, sanded with 2000 grid again and put rubbing compound on. Now, I guess I am going to buff it with WOOL(Sponge)? then, put a polish… then 30 days later wash/polish/wax??

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