Auto Inkoop Bedrijf

Auto Inkoop Bedrijf Auto Inkopers Taxaties & Waardebepaling

Applying wax to a car helps to protect the paint and maintain a glossy shine. Use a hand-waxing method to shine up a car’s paint with help from the owner of an auto detailshop in this free video on car maintenance. Expert: Diesel Contact: Bio: Diesel is the owner and operator of 4U2C Detailing. He has owned his own business since 1998 and has been detailing cars for more than 20 years. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

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15 Responses to “Auto Detailing & Maintenance : How to Apply Car Wax”

  1. bingbong609 says:

    NEVER use a machine waxer [buffer] if you dont know what you’re doing! you WILL do more harm than good if you dont know what you’re doing. I agree with this guys technique on going side to side instead of circular motion. ESPECIALLY on black. the darker the color paint the more swirls and light scratches will show. no color resists swirls or light scratches but the darker the color the easier it will be to see them

  2. dieselmadkins says:

    @bingbong609 ..Well said Bing. Wish you were in Atlanta, we could own the detail game in this city.

  3. bingbong609 says:

    @dieselmadkins Yeah man, I’m sure it would be a better city for me to meet car people. Next semester I start collision repair classes, I love cars so I’m gonna make a career out of it. I have an 89 cadillac brougham that i got painted about 5 months ago and I want to join a car club but there arent any around here. check me out on car domain, my name is Ian_6 .

  4. dieselmadkins says:

    @bingbong609 I will do that. I too build cars. Great career to have. The cars in my videos are all cars that I’ve built or had a hand in building. Hats off to ya and good luck. When you graduate, come to Atlanta. We always need a good collision man..

  5. NORMAN3016 says:

    dude, whats tha deferent between wax and polish..???? please respond..!!

  6. 9114southcentral says:

    @NORMAN3016 Suck my cock. That’s the difference.

  7. 9114southcentral says:

    @NORMAN3016 Suck my cock. That’s the difference.

  8. 9114southcentral says:

    @NORMAN3016 Suck my cock. That’s the difference.

  9. 9114southcentral says:

    @NORMAN3016 Suck my cock. That’s the difference.

  10. 9114southcentral says:

    @NORMAN3016 Suck my cock. That’s the difference.

  11. NORMAN3016 says:

    it was a simple question,i did not curse at ya… you ass…!!!! probably u aint making money polishing… to bad..!!!

  12. TTBlackOPS says:

    @NORMAN3016 The difference is that polish is what gives you the wet look. It makes your ride shine by adding the depth and clarity. The wax just protects the polish and seals it. Polishing and sealing are the most important part. the wax is the last step.
    This is easy stuff, here are the steps. This has to be done regardless of age of car or price of car.
    1. Wash 2 clay bar 3wash 4 correct 5 polish 6 seal 7 wax

  13. TheFas786 says:

    hey diesel just wanted to know if you do any painting for beginners!!


  14. NORMAN3016 says:

    thanks dude, i just bought a m3 and i wanna keep it look pimpin’, if u know what i mean, lol….. tnx

  15. mkmmotorsports says:

    i think you and me are the only people in the world that knows, orbitals are only good for waxing

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