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Clean Car Connection uses MetalWax Products that have proven to be quite superior to any other metal cleaner and polish we have used. Clean Car Connection has been in the detailing business since 1983. We recommend and are distributors of Metal Wax Products. Order your supply today

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2 Responses to “Auto Detailing & Maintenance : How to Clean and Polish Diamond Plate PART I.wmv”

  1. atvipod says:

    wow that looks realy good what brand and name of stuff do you use if you could list it that would be grate and my plate has all kinds of black dirt stuff like around the diamonds would the metal cleaner get that offf?

  2. cleancarconnection says:

    The metal cleaner removes oxidation beneath the metal. The problem with other products is that they do not actually clean the metal and as a result the diamond looks dirty again in days. You should order the Metalwax Super Duty Metal Cleaner, Metalwax Polish Gel & Wax Ultra Clear, and the Metalwax Liquid Polish. These 3 items will restore your diamond plate and is long lasting. go to our ebay store: Clean Car Connection Detailer Store. You can call us 315.724.7892 if you have any more quest

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