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Clean Car Connection shows their unique process in thoroughly cleaning carpet mats. Mats contain pollutants that can make you sick. It is important to clean beneath the surface of the mat and kill germs at the same time. With the Tornador Foam Gun, Tornador Cleaning Tool, Porter Cable and Vapor Lux Steamer you can’t go wrong. That is perfect in auto detailing.

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3 Responses to “Auto Detailing & Maintenance : How to clean carpet floor Mats.flv”

  1. joemchang says:

    there has to be more water involved in this. Thats the only sure way to get dirt out of anything. is water.

  2. newattnow says:

    Believe me it works!! I’ve had my car detailed at Clear Car Connection several times and whatever they are doing works!!

  3. detailin24 says:

    You can do anything with a tornado gun all it does is penetrates the padding in the carpet to get the dirt out deep and he does a good job on it but if you look he is cleaning a driver’s side mat and at the end he shows the passenger side mat but no you put chemicals and water in the gun so its not just water i do it everyday

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