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The best way to polish a car is to use a high-grade polish and a power buffer that evenly distributes the polish over the surface of the car. Polish a vehicle in 24-inch squares at a time with help from the owner of an auto detailshop in this free video on car maintenance. Expert: Diesel Contact: Bio: Diesel is the owner and operator of 4U2C Detailing. He has owned his own business since 1998 and has been detailing cars for more than 20 years. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

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25 Responses to “Auto Detailing & Maintenance : How to Polish a Car Properly”

  1. igorkravman says:

    what car is that?
    helpful video!

  2. BullrunOlds says:

    That there is a sweet Oldsmobile 442 Convertible. Nice video.

  3. saurabhsingh01 says:

    man tat ride is ho9t!!!!!!!!

  4. latinromeo95 says:

    holy shit that looks easy. nice video. thanks

  5. MartyMartin87 says:

    Thank you, very helpful!

  6. RaveWavesUSA says:

    good job marketing yourself! i’m also in the industry and hats off. congrats on your success

  7. r503av92h34 says:

    So does a polish lightly lightly scratch the surface of the clear coat so its even? Im not exactly sure what its doing…

  8. 10jccm says:

    Very nice, your a good teacher.

  9. carlos24fai says:

    that car doesnt need a polish

  10. formula8888 says:

    i don’t know why…lol but i like this guy!

  11. cardiffguy85 says:

    damn now that car is like a fucking mirror lol very nice paint and polish job also nice wheels and mags

  12. idanity says:

    this is for advanced experts. these days we use RANDOM ORBITALS, just consider the consequences of burning a newbs car w/ a directdrive polish . btw. u feel confidence b.c. this person is calm , and intellectual

  13. liveloud666 says:

    this dude knows what he doing. but picking that car seemed silly for an example cuz it was already glossy

  14. dieselmadkins says:

    Thank you.. Some of you have concerns of the car not needing to be polished, but that paint wasn’t always that shiney. As a matter of fact, it had to be wet sanded to get it that smooth. So I used that car to show the process and also show the finished result. Thank you for watching these vids.

  15. sn95chico says:

    no matter what you are going to have swirls marks period

    you need to use a cyclone buffer to remove all swirls off any black car

  16. NORMAN3016 says:


  17. 9114southcentral says:

    @formula8888 Because you feel “warm and fuzzy” by seeing a non-threatening black guy. That is why.

  18. kingwily says:

    your speed is to fast you should try polishing at 1000 to only 1300, the speed your working with that’s for buffing.

  19. Freeman01001 says:

    bellissima auto… anche se non avrebbe bisogno di essere lucidata ! 🙂

  20. lobzdik says:

    hey bro, what’s is the wool pad used for, as opposed to this kind of pad you’re using to polish this?

    also, what rpm is it best to polish a car at, what about for removing swirls?

  21. TTBlackOPS says:

    This guy is an idiot!!!

  22. chsspartan says:

    what if ya don’t have one of those tools and want to polish it the cheap way with some sort of towel?

  23. CastingStonez says:

    Im a professional auto restoration specialist.
    Im NOT your basic detailer!
    I do PDR, winshield respair, headlight restoration, color sanding, and of course paint correction… I have been detailing for about 7yrs. I am also “ACCREDITED” by the state of California as a: RESTORATION SPECIALIST. Which means i have been to school and am certified.
    Whool pads: are ONLY used after color sanding, and can ONLY be used on a painted surface TWICE for the life of the paint.

  24. CastingStonez says:

    Part 2
    Here is the Color and use for each pad:
    Whool: for compounding ONLY, and ONLY after color sanding a painted surface.
    Yellow Pad: Heavy Cutting, for compounding. Stay under 1200rpms.
    Orange Pad: Medium Cutting, for compounding/polishing. stay under 1500rms.
    Green Pad: a TRANSITION pad, for POLISHING ONLY! stay under 1500rms.

  25. CastingStonez says:

    Part 3
    Blue Pad: Polishing ONLY! stay around 1500rms.
    White Pad: Polishing ONLY! stay around 1500rms.
    Black Pad: Finishing/Polishing stay around 1500rms.
    Red Pad: Finishing/Wax pad ONLY! “NEVER USE ON a HIGH SPEED, this pad is ONLY used on a Orbital polisher.

    I hope this helps you understand the color and speed to use these tools?
    Big steve from Smartwax

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