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Bubbles can occur in automotive paint jobs for a number of reasons, such as a high temperature, inconsistency with the materials and water vapor in the air lines. Learn about finding out the source of bubbles before redoing a paint job with help from an auto restoration specialist in this free video on removing small bubbles in auto paint jobs. Expert: Joel Jones Contact: Bio: Joel Jones has an associate’s degree in automotive repair and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical and manufacturing engineering. Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson

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5 Responses to “Auto Painting : How to Remove Small Bubbles in an Automotive Paint Job”

  1. favthings says:

    ha the first bubble is from a pop or more likely a beer

  2. BtrayinMF says:

    dude shut the fuck up you talk too much in all your videos damn!!!!!!

  3. USCXXX75 says:

    Can you use 1200 wetpaper??

  4. woodzo40 says:

    Its usualy rust and you are fucked. I never had bubbles and been painting for 15 years.

  5. MrZiggy1979 says:

    in your vidoe talking about bubbles and water in stuff like dat… is dat due to a bad compressor..? or..?

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