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Most in depth on You Tube and includes tip to overcome special circumstances like siezed parts and corrosion. Explains causes and effects of poor brake performance.

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25 Responses to “Auto Questions Answered -How to fix disc brakes”

  1. irszgatti says:

    absolutely, i havent done a how to in a while… you should subcribe and you’ll know when its up… thanks for watching, i’ll be sure to make a nice one for ya

  2. marcandreviau says:

    i agree! i just bought a cheap car with low milage and i always wanted to learn some mechanics. im too poor to get to mechanic school for now but i will. till then, thanks a lot for the tips!
    you kick ass irszgatti!

  3. 3xut says:

    Wow very informative .Thanks Mr Brake man lol.You rock ..

  4. BillyInnes says:

    great instructions very specific good editing.

  5. 801tutulik says:

    Very informative. Hey buddy I have a 97 F-expedition and it has new battery and new alternator but the problem it won’t start there’s power but no start can u please tell me what the fuck is wrong with my truck is it the starter or something else?

  6. irszgatti says:

    take a wooden dowl or anything like that and hold it to the starter, tapping on the dowl with a hammer.. dont smash the christ out of it but joslte the thing while somebody cranks it.. the solenoid or the armneture itself could be stuck.. that might free it up. Us a volt meter and touch the starter terminals with the positive lead with the key on, make sure power is at starter… if not, check the starter relay and ignition fuse..

  7. henrijs says:

    thanks, useful and with attitude. keep on producing!

  8. HydrauIics says:

    cool video, i really wanna become a vehicle mechanic i work aircraft maintenace right now and its cool and all but just too much

  9. irszgatti says:

    automotive mechanics have such a wide pay range depending on your skill set. many times though you only need fundemental knowledge because I large part of sucess in the trade is being able to get the information you need and apply it. When it comes to ever changing electronics you simply learn as you go and it’s really not that difficult.

  10. HydrauIics says:

    yeah i hear ya, as long as you have a manual or someone showing you, you can pretty much do anything

  11. AutoStudent4Life says:

    u’v been caught hanging a caliper by the brake hose

  12. irszgatti says:

    haha good eye. Luckily GM calipers like this one weigh next to nothing they are so light… but all the same your right!!! I shouldnt do that.

  13. 91airborne says:

    lol @ 00:27 sounds like he says
    “now on this particular shitty Malibu”
    i hate chevy

  14. mikelsok says:

    Great video very informative. I have a Ford Focus and if I don’t drive it for say three days the front brake pads are stuck solid to the Rotor presumably rusted on. I have also noticed vibration when braking from a high speed, its ok at lower speeds.

    The discs and pads were only replaced about 12 months ago, and the mileage since replacement is about 3000 miles.

    I guess I need to strip them down and clean of all the rust????

  15. 1dlesniper says:

    Excellent video.
    Just a quick question though…. My front-drivers side brake is making noise (hissing/buzzing). This noise is not constant and stops when I apply the brakes. Any ideas on what might be the cause?

  16. epopmedia says:

    hey are doing any other videos

  17. nccamokid says:

    my rotors on my 96 subaru are rusted horribly and honestly im 15 and am fixin my first ever car, can i save em or should i get new?

  18. irszgatti says:

    @nccamokid the price of aftermarket rotors these days saves you a few trips to have you rotors machined. They also perform better, disapate heat better, and make the car safer.

  19. irszgatti says:

    @epopmedia i’ve been quite busy but theres plenty of time in the future 🙂

  20. irszgatti says:

    @mikelsok Sometimes you just just gotta make the choice and buy a loaded caliper for both front brakes. Concider the amount of work that hydraulic system day after day. After a hundred thoughsand miles you know longer notice just how badly degrading the braking performance is.
    The corrosion you speak of with your brakes would be on the pad guides, meaning the stainless clips are likely either missing or corroded. Its costly to do pads/rotors/calipers at the same time.. but worth it

  21. CheChoELCHELO says:

    dude make more video ur explain things very well

  22. irszgatti says:

    @CheChoELCHELO I appreciate your comments. I think I will do that.

  23. nbayarmagnai says:

    thank you man. i try to do some stuff on my car myself and i have changed my front rotors and pads 2 times allready. lately i am noticing that my steering wheel shakes when i apply the brake, on high speed like above 60. what can be the problem? and can u do some video on it as well plz. thanks and good luck

  24. windhammer357 says:

    Can you tell why my brakes pull to one side when I apply them

  25. irszgatti says:


    As a means of giving an example of brake related “pull”, you could have a siezed caliper, or the pads themselves could be seized into thier guides, or you could have a collapesed flex line/kinked brake line. So many causes in fact, I suggest you let a pro inspect for a real diagnosis.

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