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25 Responses to “Auto Repair: Car Disc & Drum Brake Jobs – 1 of 4”

  1. TheSlayerIsBack says:

    lol this is some old ass shit

  2. jibjib77734333 says:

    all business up front… party in teh rear woot!

  3. felicien says:

    wow, this is actually old….

  4. davison1021 says:

    y not a front and rear master cylinder for when your rear break lines burst fuck auto companies they want us to crash

  5. PsionNinja says:

    The music made me think this was going to turn into a porno

  6. denso19 says:

    yea I thought so too, until i read your post then I was disappointed 🙁

  7. mrrobotto555 says:

    do you have any idea how much more complicated that system would be? i think that would raise the price of a brake job significantly because the technician would have to do more work…

  8. davison1021 says:

    not very much im a mechanic

  9. chatuuumeesa says:

    Nice work. keep it up. mean time come for social media marketing for esteembpo**com sughg

  10. mrrobotto555 says:

    well then you should know about diagonally split hydraulic systems…which im guessing u dont because of your original comment. You are not a mechanic, or at least not a very good one…

  11. davison1021 says:

    well ive been a mechanic for a while now and i can tell you besides connecting the extra master to the brake pedal their is no extra work besides on the assembly can say what you want it will be the same even for changing the brake lines their is no exxtra work have a nice day

  12. keepingthefaith72 says:

    Too much talk … not enough action …

  13. mrrobotto555 says:

    ok so why add an extra master to the equation and bring the cost to build and maintenance up? besides all cars use dual hydraulic systems since 1967, so if there is a leak in one circuit, a valve closes it off and you still retain about 70% braking efficiency to slow and stop your vehicle. thank you very much mister master technician….

  14. davison1021 says:

    so when your rear brakelines bust you dont slam into a wall or a car

  15. davison1021 says:

    and thats not true my sentra brakes peirced so i ran out of fluid and crashed thank you mr loud mouth

  16. mrrobotto555 says:

    nissan sentras are front wheel drive, so you have a diagonal split hydraulic system. That means your left front and right rear wheels are on one hydraulic channel and your right front and left rear are on a seperate channel. so if u slammed into a wall its because BOTH channels were pierced… becuase a car with only one working hydraulic channel such as the one on your car still is able to provide 70% of the total stopping power.

  17. davison1021 says:

    once it pierces the liquid leaks untill theirs none left and then oh no brakes so say what you like and no only one pierced i replaced it my self

  18. Chupria says:

    It start on 7.00 MIN

  19. operatorofthedrones says:

    Scott is all business in the front and a party in the back. Long live the mullet!

  20. elemineseslapolla says:

    what the hell? so much talk and then? nothing? you just wasted 9:21 of my life
    i wont forget it

  21. kickasquirrel says:

    i just recently asked gm dealer for a service mauel and u can no longer obtain them

  22. islamrapesthemind says:

    try ebay

  23. islamrapesthemind says:

    ride a bike

  24. islamrapesthemind says:

    on second thought, u better walk (and wear a helmet)

  25. Tweek12345 says:

    i’d rather walk than listen to these people talk about talking about fixing brakes

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