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13 Responses to “Auto Repair: Car Disc & Drum Brake Jobs – 2 of 4”

  1. dharmamark says:


  2. bgwllts8 says:

    what do you do if your car has abs?

  3. pasmater512 says:

    u clean it the same with or without ABS

    Is this man in this movie work in
    farmacy or mechanic garage ?
    break dust wont kill u u know ?
    i do it all the time and im still alive 😀

  4. PauliusBa says:

    Jaguars don’t have drum brakes, so I’m givin you 1/5 for using fake tags!

  5. danthefan says:

    Nice job but some of the shots aren’t in focus.

  6. taledarkside says:

    until you die from lung cancer caused by asbestos.

  7. Mazjinga says:

    If someone has a Jaguar, and is fixing their own brakes, they should get an 0/5. lol

  8. PokerJeep64 says:

    Some drum brakes are a bitch to get back together! They make it look so easy.

  9. chatuuumeesa says:

    Nice work. keep it up. mean time come for social media marketing for esteembpo**com eyrt

  10. ThundareRed says:

    hold on, sandpaper is the wrong tool, for metal you use emery cloth, sandpaper is for wood.

  11. poppy4x4 says:

    Great start of the beginners, informative and realistic and Worth Do It Your Self stuff.

  12. sugargwar says:

    interesting tip on driving in reverse to self adjust.

  13. joejedlicka says:

    As far as my limited knowledge can ascertain, asbestos was mainly used in older brake shoes/pads, I wouldn’t assume it is even legal to be used in that application at this time. But, brake dust isn’t beneficial to the body, regardless of the material used.

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