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11 Responses to “Auto Repair: Car Fuel System Troubleshooting – 1 of 11”

  1. JoeNJ1 says:

    My 95 Caprice was just diagnosed with leaking injectors which are supposedly $90 ea and the mechanic is gonna charge me 325 for the whole job.

  2. cavibird2005 says:

    I’m certain thats a TBI Motor which means only 1 injector, takes 20 minutes to replace so your paying him $235 for 20 minutes of work and than making you wait an additional 40 minutes. Know Im assuming you Caprice is a LT1 but either way Im 99% sure you got hosed! Sorry Buddy!

  3. JoeNJ1 says:

    Doesn’t quite sound that way,I was told it has 1 injector on each side…which would be the 90ea. I do agree the labor is a bit steep,but for one I kinda know the guy so he’s not really a faceless thief like most of em might be.

  4. Yugobanian says:


  5. kino261988 says:

    thanks for posting this video… nice….

  6. straightcleaner says:

    I smell gas in my oil dipstick bad. Even though i just changed my oil. they say that may be a fuel injector or gas filter.

  7. Paulhinse says:

    Your Piston rings are shot my friend. Maybe on only one cylinder. Id get it fixed, gas is not a good sign in the engine oil

  8. acesamieh says:

    ok this problem has been bugging me for a long time now. i have a 1.6l nissan sentra 99 and for some reason every time it gets cold outside it wont turn on. the car cranks up so its not a battery or alternator problem. i changed almost all sensors even the ecu, except oxygen sensors and the tail has a weird smell when i crank the engine (not rotten eggs). there is fuel being pumped and the spark plugs seem to come out kind of oily after i try to turn on the car. any suggestions? thanks!

  9. fightnight79 says:

    Does anybody know where I can find any good videos on diesel engines?

  10. laurajdahl says:

    Do you have a vid for vehicles that have the filter in the tank? Ex. 97 Jeep Wrangler Sport with I6 4.0L Engine. Thanks.

  11. Rezikrisp says:

    @acesamieh batteries havea cca (cold cranking amperage) rating because they are effected by cold weather. The resistance rises and although it may crank it may not crank fast enough to start the engine. You will have to perform a load test on the battery to see if it is working properly.

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