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Learn how to check the front differential fluid in your car, in this free auto repair & maintenance video.

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4 Responses to “Auto Repair: Car Maintenace Tips From Your Mechanic : How to Check Front Differential Fluid: Auto Repair & Maintenance Tips”

  1. Andy570221 says:

    Not all Cars have a differential dipstick!

  2. Lillie1986 says:

    Well its kinda like always with these videos. They always show you the easy and obvious stuff and leave out the rest for you to guess.
    Mentally retarded people these.

  3. therockkkkher says:

    never even knew there was one but he works at suburu where they are 4x4s and have a front diff.

  4. nigel101 says:

    ive a subaru 1994 wrx but its full of parts you cant put ur arms in like this!!

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