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15 Responses to “Auto Repair: Car Shocks & Struts Replacement – 1 of 3”

  1. 69fordgreenmonster says:

    i hope someone can help me out i have a 88 nissan maxima 6 cylinder. it runs fine on the street but as soon as it reaches 65mph on the highway it starts shaking like crazy up and down really bad .i decrease to 64 and it stops.other times i have pushed it to 80mph and nothing goes wrong it runs smooth im totally lost anyone help!???

  2. sblspawn says:

    did you change the tires recently,must be the balance.

  3. TheTarrMan says:

    it could need the weals allied or maybe the Shocks & Strut’s looked at.

  4. 69fordgreenmonster says:

    thanks a lot for the info i think you r right

  5. 69fordgreenmonster says:

    no the tires are not new but you might be right

  6. TheGuyOnDownStreet says:

    it might be your transmission. is it an automatic? its most likely your transmission. maybe somethings wrong with your upper gears such ass 3rd or 4th gear or a syncronizer gear.

  7. 69fordgreenmonster says:

    yeah its an automatic ,gotta look into it,thanks for the response

  8. coldcash12345 says:

    Transmission problem

  9. ShannonVenasse says:

    it’s only easy to do your own repairs if you have an older car and ALL those expensive tools!

  10. tugguy85 says:

    its a tire problem

  11. Aarsoninc says:

    Great info if you want to do this yourself.

  12. bubba0465 says:

    ok i gotta problem. i have a 1998 chevy k1500 4×4 and its got a 3 inch body lift and i have not done anything to the truck since i bought it. can any one tell me why it rides like i have no suspension at all?

  13. jeanjones9154 says:

    Shocks are blown or the lift was done wrong go to a shop and ask them to see if it’s down properly if it is then check the shocks.

  14. UlfrIronwood says:

    Car companies worked VERY hard to make sure that top nut couldn’t be removed without special tools. They hide it under immovable engine components AND make it fucking spin in place! Fuck car companies.

  15. smith284 says:

    Where do you find the “cheap” tool he used to hold the rod while turning the damper nut. The one that was like a socket over a socket. What is it Called? I cant find it anywhere!

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