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25 Responses to “Auto Repair: Car Shocks & Struts Replacement – 2 of 3”

  1. FallenMonk55 says:

    Ya man! Thx for the upload, I just subscribed you!

  2. tomprman says:

    super good video, take this video of example, all moron that do not know how to do videos

  3. Thrashaero says:

    the guy doing the work is funny. very abrupt and sort of robotic. i love it when he throws the strut in the trash can.

    but good video none the less. exactly how i did my struts, except much more proper (torque wrench, new nuts, etc)

  4. mnal3era8 says:

    Thank you very much for this vide.

  5. MrLesbian says:

    Thanks. I’m about to venture into this project. Hope it goes as easily as shown (which most times it won’t).

  6. sevewone says:

    @6:25 he says “it is critical that this bolt is removed from the same position”.

    Is he just saying in a fancy way, not to mix up which bolts you used? Thanks

  7. themanisheab180237ce says:

    really professional vid

  8. hervens says:

    Very helpful
    Im about to install a new set of dropzone lowered suspensions next week.
    hopefully everything will go well

  9. Katlunazul says:

    Mmmm, OH!
    YES! YES!


  10. amigos1996 says:

    you text is funny !

  11. 50N1C800M says:

    yea me tooo lol so how did it go???

  12. jiolong1 says:

    Great Video

  13. wldmike223 says:

    What an old video. I bet that car has been junked a long time ago.

  14. jamesccostello says:

    Dude where are your goggles?

  15. colincarguy says:

    wow, and i could have saved myself 500 bucks doing this myself.

  16. Raven00714 says:

    OK this is what I needed to know . I’m doing this for the first time and the video is very good and understandable.
    I can’t see spending a lot of money replacing something that I can do myself, the more I do the more I learn thank God for YouTube. lol

  17. Seankonigsadam says:

    This was fantastic.

  18. orbit789321 says:

    6:22 why does the bolt have to be in the same spot to prevent your alignment for going off, cant u just tighten it?

  19. convictedSTONNER says:

    I love these old tutorial videos, they seem to be simpler to understand without being patronizing!

  20. ExiasRevenger says:

    @orbit789321 What it means by this I think from what I know is that this is a special bolt and washer, as you turn the bolt the washer changes position or something. If I remember the position of bolt dictates the wheel alignment or something like that. It’s not so much about tightness as it is position.

  21. waterwart says:

    @Raven00714 amen brother!!!

  22. kenman1717 says:

    you need to do an alignment it you remove the struts. if the bolt is not tightened in the same spot, it changes the postion of the spindle, thus causing the tire to not be in the right spot and your tires will wear unevenly.

  23. javafanskajagskriva says:

    @kenman1717 How do you do an alignement?

  24. 75crispy says:

    how do you fix a lower arm suspension

  25. kenman1717 says:

    @javafanskajagskriva its not something you can do youself unless you have an alignment rack in your garage. you will have to take it into a shop or dealership that has an alignment rack. not sure where you are but in alberta its like $120 for an alignment. if you don’t get one after doing some type of front end repair like this, your tires will wear out real quick if you don’t get stuff back together close to where it was.

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