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10 Responses to “AUTO REPAIR: Carburetor Tune-up, Overhaul, & Rebuilding (1 of 2)”

  1. lincolnlvr600 says:

    very helpful thanks alot

  2. MadSmokerBBQ says:

    this is great info thanks!

  3. Cloudbreakk says:

    this is awesome. glad i watched this because i was about to go out and just rip it all apart…might clean the shed and get some tape for labels first 🙂

  4. milkmantx says:

    i love the no smoking symbol…lol

  5. mogglie says:

    i love internet and youtube just for these kinds of information filims. i need to overhaul my carburetor and now i know how to do it. .. thanks for uploading.

  6. Nivicoman says:

    Those metering rods and idle pickup tubes can be touchy to get into their respective places without bending. The power piston can stick and the idle pickup tubes can be clogged as they are very narrow passages.

  7. Bulgdoom says:

    TBH that doesnt look all that easy with all the little parts you have to take out and then back in.

  8. patrickg1994 says:


  9. billybogus1 says:

    yep looks like a lot of work
    might have to geet the mechanic on to this one

  10. hjewell2 says:

    fuel injecter rebuild…. pull out bad injecter put in new injecter. That was easy. sorry staples

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