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5 Responses to “AUTO REPAIR: Carburetor Tune-up, Overhaul, & Rebuilding (2 of 2)”

  1. 1982Mie says:

    so fast cannot learn

  2. scampc says:

    how long do you expect it to take a newbie to do this for the 1st time as a guide? are we looking at 1-3 hours or 50? thanks

  3. master777999 says:

    @scampc 1-3 hours if experienced, maybe 4-7 hours for a newbie.

  4. scampc says:

    @master777999 Thanks. I’m experienced at pulling apart many other things and putting them back together so I’ll try keep it to the 4 hour mark then 🙂

  5. master777999 says:

    @scampc sounds good

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