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Auto Repair: Changing The Oil & Filter

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14 Responses to “Auto Repair: Changing The Oil & Filter”

  1. MboredNbad says:

    thanx for the video,very informative

  2. jlsparky7 says:

    Nice vid

  3. powerofawarrior says:

    how much is a 3/4 turn?

  4. paulgwj says:

    270 degrees

  5. teebvue says:

    aren’t you suppose to drain the oil first b4 taking off the oil filter????

    because if you do the oil filter first, the oil will spill out for sure….

    u put on the lubed oil filter after you’ve drained out all the oil.

  6. foolsonparade says:

    Yes you are. I don’t know why they did that. You are also supposed to replace the drain plug seal EVERY time.

  7. fasttrackspecialist says:

    torque wrench? wtf if you need one to change your oil i think you should never touch a tool again

  8. smitty54017 says:

    Unfortunately, you gotta idiot proof even common tasks. Several years ago, I had an oil change at one of those quick lube joints. I couldn’t get the drain plug off the next time.

  9. SpeCulaTionS101 says:

    You need all that stuff?! I just crawled under my truck, unscrewed the old filter with my hand, and then screwed in the new one. Tada!

  10. c0kar7 says:

    the last time i changed my oil, i started the the engine and it blew up!

  11. fordwindsor351 says:

    @foolsonparade No you are not, who ever told you that needs to go back to school.

  12. fordwindsor351 says:

    what happened to the righty tighty lefty loosy, he was turning left while tightning the drain plug

  13. JasonJForrest says:

    @fasttrackspecialist lol! a simple ratchet & socket is all ya need!

  14. JasonJForrest says:

    wtf? i always drain my oil & remove the filter………….and then I put on the new filter & put the plug back in! i never put a new filter on before i drain the oil! lol

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