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16 Responses to “Auto Repair: Coolant Temperature Sensors – Testing and Replacing”

  1. 02070154 says:

    if you have an answer to my question please comment back.

    i have a ford contour 96′ v6 and it overheats
    i already replaced the temp coolant sensor, temp coolant switch and radiator and it stil overheats, do you guys know what could it be ?

    another thing is a mechanic told me that it couldn’t be the cylinder heads cause the engine doesn’t throw the water away.

  2. loguieses says:

    check the thermostat

  3. loguieses says:

    check the thermostat

  4. THEtechknight says:

    Better make sure the fan runs when its supposed to, and if the thermostat is bad.

  5. applemonkey187 says:

    my car has a coolant leak and it looks like it coming from under the thermostat housing but i looks and felt it and nothing was coming out….what could it be?most of the coolant leaks out on the driver side.but only after the car has ran for about 15 min and thats when the heat or a/c is on.

  6. thezmaster505 says:

    im getting nothen when its still on the engine cool or warm

  7. goma3 says:

    might be the heater core gone leaking. Depends on the car model, but some cores are more prone to leaks than others.

  8. goma3 says:

    could be bad water pump, bad thermostat, bad auxiliary fan (if you car has it). It also depends how much it overheats. Just a little could be bad water pump, but it overheats way too much than my money is on a bad thermostat

  9. 02070154 says:

    first of all thanks for answering my question.

    but my car is weird, it only overheats when am trying to race or just by going a little fast, because if i drive like a grampa all slow it doesnt overheat.


  10. thenightwolf80 says:

    you can easily test the ECT by running it under hot water, you will still get a reading than waiting for the engine to heat up.

  11. KerleeJae says:

    I have a 2001 Toyota Tacoma 2.4L 4-cylinder and I can NOT find the coolant temperature sensor. I am VERY frustrated. Please HELP!

  12. gonsalohernandez1984 says:

    I have a Chevy Impala 2000 and it overheats when driving and when I turn the AC on. I am not sure if its the fans that are not working. What could it be?

  13. gohomeimigrants says:

    I was speeding in my nissan titan (112mph) and now my truck backfires and struggles to accelerate, jerks around between rpm’s and stalls all the time. Its only when I try to accelerate a small bit faster. My question is it the ect sensor? If not maybe the Tps sensor?

  14. omarantuan says:

    I Have a 1997 nissan sentra good car but my question is i have my fans on everytime i start the car and they dont stop unless i turn the car off .. how do i know my car has a temperature sensor .. ???? i know it has a thermostat and it works fine i want to change that settin to factory stock .. any answers ..

  15. tinted4lights says:

    i have a 94 accord and my car starts trying to overheat if i drive it on the freeway ,if i drive it in the city it runs fine

  16. pwrbytrd says:

    checked your thermostat,thermostat might not properly working.

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