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14 Responses to “Auto Repair: Cooling System – Radiator, Thermostat, Hoses, etc. – 1 of 4”

  1. Amitboy1980 says:

    hi there i got overheating problems any tips cheers

  2. zjjeepman1993 says:

    there could be many ways to fix it first check all hoses to make sure none are kinked or broke. If there is none flush your cooling systom and replace the thermostat. If that doesnt work you may have a little more seirious problem like the water pump. and if all else fails try a coolant additive like water wetter.

  3. latinoboy206 says:

    I have a Ford Taurus the Radiator coolant everytime that i put in new radiator fluid 50/50 the next day that i check it it’s all ready low.

  4. Zeron18 says:

    There are many factors that causes overheating. I’m assuming that you’re driving normally on flat roads.

    Common problems that cause overheating:
    1.) Overloading the car’s maximum capacity.
    2.) Insufficient coolant. Recommend 50/50 mixture
    3.) Broken Thermostat.
    4.) Broken water Pump.
    5.) Blown head gasket
    6.) Relay fuse is dead
    7.) Leak somewhere in the hoses
    8.) Leaky or blown radiator
    9.) Not burping the radiator

    Just check for leaking fluid after driving. Cheers^^

  5. luetheblackmamba says:

    is it leakin out?

  6. JOHN146BIBLE says:

    ( make sure you add the right coolant)
    if you have toyota red only add red.
    if you have green only add green.
    if you have orange only add orange.
    never mix dexcool orange with green !!
    if you have dexcool orange use only distiled water if you add water and change dexcool orange every 2 years.
    only add distilled water . if you can.

  7. umbrosoccerkid says:

    where can i find cheap radiators!!?

  8. lewy0701 says:


  9. steve89z says:

    nice stache

  10. Breeze2much says:

    @steve89z HAHAHAHA!! Come on!!

  11. steve89z says:

    i was being sarcastic

  12. Breeze2much says:

    @steve89z I know! Classic one line though. LMAO!!

  13. izzyslash1 says:

    i have a 93 del sol and i think one of my radiator hose is leaking 🙁

  14. rodnisimo says:

    I have a Vanagon and my “mechanic” used standard green coolant. Big NO NO. The Vanagon requires “phosphate free” coolant. It’s blue or red and they do not sell it at gas stations. The phosphates eat the head seals in a VW. That can cause your motor to go kablooey. Not good. Be careful.

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