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24 Responses to “Auto Repair: Cooling System – Radiator, Thermostat, Hoses, etc. – 2 of 4”

  1. disciplegurl07 says:

    Thank you for this step by step video! It will be very helpful especially for someone who had no idea before!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. KungFuChess says:

    thank u, thank u!

  3. castillo911 says:

    does anyone one knows where is the pipe that i am supposed to install the water hose connector onto. i cant find it, my car is a mitsubishi eclipse 96 rs….please can someone help me….i dont have a manual or nothing….

  4. DieselsAndDiodes says:

    Check out my video series on Water Pump replacement for Honda.

  5. darkma1ice says:

    Please take into account that antifreeze is sweet tasting to animals. DO NOT flush at home if you have animals, kids, a well. antifreeze is extremely poisonous

  6. GAROmx says:

    this video is for old cars my truck dont even have a radiator cap.

  7. afrothunder32 says:

    Sir. You are an idiot.

  8. lovemym16 says:

    is your car a 420a or 4g63

  9. MedinaChuckie says:

    all cars have a radiator cap unless you have an air cooled engine. some cars have the cap on the coolant reservoir, not on the actual radiator

  10. chunkyfecalbreakfast says:

    @GAROmx You mean they actually give people like you a driving license?

  11. GAROmx says:

    i mean it does not have a cap in the actual radiator. but in the reservoir

  12. CharlieDoan says:

    Change that Radiator Cap and Thermostat ONCE a year no matter what (CHEAP) easy to protect cooling system and your VEHICLE.

  13. Rodney5516 says:

    Great Video! Thanks for posting this.

  14. wks1978 says:

    Here in Europe a lot of modern cars don’t have a separate radiator cap anymore.

    You just have to use the resevoir to add coolant or flush the system.

  15. 88soulsurvivor says:

    I never use tap water in my cooling system. chlorine can eventually damage or corrode the cooling system over the years. Allways use bottled, spring, or well water depending on where you live. In some cities or towns the water may be a little softer which makes it safer to use over time.

  16. TheBlacksanta78 says:

    Just did this on my mom’s van. One thing to realize is that after you flush entire system, water will remain in the block. Even if you drain the radiator completely. Some blocks have plugs to drain the water. I just added 100% antifreeze to the radiator and reservoir. After driving for a while, I checked the coolant with a tester and found that the strength was perfect. The reason why is because all that leftover water in the block combined with the 100% antifreeze in the radiator.

  17. 3Fez4 says:

    ….or distilled water lol

  18. specialross77 says:

    “Rusty brown” lol. Or in the case of a DEXCool engine, do do brown.

  19. cyphi1 says:

    I’ve got a problem with my car overheating. I had a coolant flush. The problem persisted. Then, I had a pressure check, which indicated a small leak near the the water pump, the water pump was replaced. I’m not sure what else to have checked. I am losing coolant. It happened last summer too, but it corrected itself when it began to get cold. Some people suggested getting my thermostat replaced, but would that also cause loss of coolant?

  20. spelunkerd says:

    @cyphi1 I would change out the thermostat and have a look around to try and find a leak. More leaking in hot weather suggests it could be leaking from the hose distal to the thermostat, only open when fluid passes by there when the engine is hot.

  21. TeDuaMalakie says:

    @cyphi1 : check the radiator and the radiator cap and hoses !! they may need replacement, about the thermostat, i would recommend you to take it off, but im afraid you will suffer from over-cooling engine, you maybe just need to get a new thermostat that is a suitable to where you live temperature .

  22. TeDuaMalakie says:

    @wks1978 Dodge have done it long time ago comrade ! 🙂

  23. exposefraud says:

    Where does the coolant go?
    Looks like you let it go anywhere.
    Animals LOVE antifreeze. It’s sweet.
    It will KILL them!

  24. fontenator says:

    antifreeze tastes great with angel hair pasta!

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