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In order to eliminate rust from a car, grind the rust with sandpaper, apply rust converter and then paint on top of the converter. Use safety precautions, such as safety glasses and gloves, when removing rust from a car with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car repair and diagnostics. Expert: Tom Brintzenhofe Bio: Tom Brintzenhofe has been a mechanic for the past 17 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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25 Responses to “Auto Repair & Diagnostics : How to Eliminate Rust From a Car”

  1. Tanku89 says:

    0:43 “im gonna be a bad boy today.” lol

  2. dunn98632 says:

    ASE certified autobody tech here with older rigs that actualy might have rust and not that pile of shit 04 jeep at least you could have had the balls to demostrat it for real that all im saying

  3. hoosipower says:

    i actually thought he was good!

  4. gramboliciousness says:

    Hey Mr. Rogers, are you in the land of “make believe”? Why didn’t you use a scrap of steel or a shovel or your moms but plug or something?

  5. oldchevyw says:

    maybe he works there and wants to kiss ass and sell the shit,I’ll tell you about rust
    replace or cut and weld

  6. delbomb3131 says:

    was a helpful video but really shouldve found anything with rust and it wouldve been more helpful keep up the good work tho

  7. Cycle1988 says:

    True. But in todays reccesion; or if your car is only worth $2,000 dollars or less, you may not have enough excess money or your car may not be worth enough to do the proper replace/cut and weld method.

  8. lesterclaypool1 says:

    im going to go and pretend im welding then im going to go pretend im painting want to pretend to help ?

  9. mbbc5324 says:

    this stuff is okay but doesn’t last long. Descent information given. Funny that he called this a “Ford” Jeep. “Jeep” is the brand, Grand Cherokee is the model. Also, the area he refers to as having rust is plastic and will never rust.

  10. fodderoni says:


  11. Psycholb says:

    If your car has rust there is no need to replace or cut unless you have huge hole and the whole lot is falling apart, Rust conveerter is so good now a days just do what this guy says, 100X better than replacing and it can sav you 100’s

  12. C0LL1N says:

    now i know what to do if my plastic grille ever rusts.

  13. AhmedThaking says:

    LOL If my plastic grill ever rust then i will find a way to handle that?

  14. f100kls says:

    did he say ‘this 04 jeep’ not ‘ford jeep’

  15. iwazshot says:

    again why the fuck show a video with rust removing on for one a car that doesnt have and rust and two a plastic or carbon fibre grill

  16. shamrock245 says:

    yeh, make sure you use pretend safety glasses! and imaginary gloves ha

  17. aaron344870 says:


  18. fmx22 says:

    whats next? you gonna show us how to make a house without actually using paint?

  19. kazimann says:

    It would be alot better if he actually repaired a real rust hole.

  20. Tfpsly says:

    He saied “this ol(d) jeep”

  21. toyota420xp says:

    yes he said 04 jeep not old or old ford

  22. nikodiver83 says:

    Awesome, didn’t know you could paint right over the dried rust converter, very useful to know, Thanks!

  23. jheibertz says:

    how much does this stuff go for at auto zone?

  24. Robinis says:

    that was total shit.
    First of all. you use a wire brush to scrape all the nasty rust. then degreaser (phosphated) then rust converter, sand paper, primer a few times,then some sand paper to just rough up the surface,then filler( with fiber glass) (if there are holes or big dents) ,sanding,primer,ruff it up again,final coating (bondo or other shit),sanding,primer,paint,polish in the paint, lacker it 2-3 times ,polish and your done. this video just fails it…

  25. nikmag2 says:

    “As easy as painting your house”, last time i did that it took 3 weeks:)

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