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When jump-starting a car, safety is important, and jumper cables are needed to be placed on non-corroded terminals. Remember that negative is black and positive is red when jump-starting a car with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car repair and diagnostics. Expert: Tom Brintzenhofe Bio: Tom Brintzenhofe has been a mechanic for the past 17 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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17 Responses to “Auto Repair & Diagnostics : How to Jump-Start a Car”

  1. zapwatt says:

    I have showed this to every person I have jumped in the last few years and it surprises me how many people
    A) don’t know this procedure
    B) actually argue with me when I do it this way

  2. SeanBB1993 says:

    We had to jump start a car today

  3. seansfarm says:


  4. gamevidmaker says:

    reading PA, woooooooo! lol

  5. Rhin0Neil says:

    I have seen people put the negative lead on there aircon pipes and wander why it goes bang.

  6. Htay9000 says:

    Could someone clarify to me where I should put the negative cable in the car that is jumpstarting the other car?

  7. TheLiftupper says:

    most people always forget to mention first: safety. good point u gave here…thanks

  8. smackheadbrolli says:

    the negative cable should be connected on the bit which is red. thats the colour for the negative thing.

  9. sourmanofcoal says:

    1. make sure all cars are turned off and in neutral or parked

    2. connect RED cable to dead battery
    3. connect RED cable to booster battery
    4. connect BLACK cable to dead battery
    5. connect BLACK cable to metal portion on your engine

    6. start your booster car

  10. figotes says:

    recommended sequence[5] is to first connect the positive terminals of both batteries, then connect the negative post of the charged battery and make the last connection to the frame of the vehicle with the dead battery

  11. figotes says:

    Operation of a lead-acid battery produces hydrogen gas which is flammable. Caution is needed to avoid a spark that may ignite the gas

  12. figotes says:

    Motorists can be severely injured by a battery explosion. In the United States in 1994, a research note by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association estimated that about 442 persons were injured by exploding batteries while attempting a jump-start

  13. figotes says:

    make the last connection to the frame of the vehicle with the dead battery, at a location away from the battery. By not connecting the last clamp on to the dead battery, the risk of ignition is reduced. The described sequence of connections is intended to reduce the chance of accidentally shorting the good battery

  14. xapha says:

    so i go + –> + and – –> frame / -?

  15. tariqziyad says:

    i notice alot of mechanics don’t really care wheather you start with the dead car or live car first, i wonder if it really matters.



  16. mike3177 says:

    If your battery is extremely dead, then hooking the neg cable to body won’t do much good( like my battery). So then u have hook it up to the neg terminal. Nothing will explode unless you have a very old battery.

  17. Jims07yfz450 says:

    or if it’s frozen…..

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