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The easiest way to tell if a car’s thermostat is faulty is by looking out for a car overheating or giving off no heat. Find out how a car thermostat works with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car repair and diagnostics. Expert: Tom Brintzenhofe Bio: Tom Brintzenhofe has been a mechanic for the past 17 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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16 Responses to “Auto Repair & Diagnostics : How to Know if a Thermostat Is Faulty on a Car”

  1. boeingcorp says:

    mmmmm I love a hot mechanic… love them jeans and shirt. nice package too….

  2. boeingcorp says:

    damn sexy, I want to feel his hose!!!!!

  3. Ryantravisaol says:

    Thanks for the vid, i have a question. My car only gets “HOT” on highways, round town it stays “Normal”. I have little to no AC Heat. I took the thermostat out and placed it in boiling water, it opened but just a bit, about 5mm. Is this normal or should i replace it, also i believe the water pump and radiator are new(ish) based on how clear they look.

  4. michaelheiland123654 says:

    This is scary!

  5. Ryantravisaol says:

    haha, why is it scary?

  6. michaelheiland123654 says:

    because if the thermostart is close not working there will be no fluids going to your engine! And that will kill your engine right away! Let say the thermostart break at your home in the local repair shop is 5 miles aways! How will you take the car to the repair shop? When there is no fluids going to the engine you know? You can not do it b/c you will kill the engine , That is why is scary! Old cars are scary too!

  7. Ryantravisaol says:

    weird thing is that it’s not and old car and the thermostat was replaced twice with new ones, they’re cheap. The motor must be shot or something.

  8. fadiriad12 says:

    I changed the thermostat and the fans switch. but still the upper hose and the lower have different temp. is it the water pump or the head gasket? Can anyone help me?

  9. dezireesti says:

    My car over heat,, i just briught this car frm sumone, and he took it to the shop to get it fix, and it came back the same way..smh

  10. stillcole says:

    that really helps thank you

  11. yamiladdi says:

    muchas gracias por la ayuda!!!

  12. InitialDirt says:

    its call a tow truck, and yes old cars are scary.

  13. InitialDirt says:

    queer fuck

  14. michaelheiland123654 says:

    My friend was driving a 1993 Explorer with no warning the wheel fell out yes old vechiles are scary, Pres Obama should take them out of the road like cash for clunker program!

  15. InitialDirt says:

    my car is a 1986 rx7

  16. pyaethiha says:

    i have a 2003 eclipse gt with v6 engine. my car tends to overheat when driving slow or ideling in hot days. i changed thermostat already but the problem is still there. so what i had to do is turn the defrost on the let the fan run to cool the enging down.

    If you guys can help me fix this problem, please post solutions on here. thanks a lot.

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