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8 Responses to “Auto Repair: Engine Tune-up – Spark Plugs & Wires, PCV Valve, etc. – 1 of 4”

  1. badonkadong29 says:

    thanks for the tutorial very handy to know

  2. Popachoppacity says:

    Thank you much appreciated..!

  3. 98SST says:

    By far the best instructional video to prep those whom are in need of assistance. Very clear instructions, and good thing to talk about safety.

  4. 350zdemon says:

    dont be afraid to work on your own car and you are going to save tons of money

  5. Hannibal730 says:

    yea this is good info

  6. Hitchner2009 says:

    i want his toolbox! he has EVERYTHING hahaha

  7. clockhanded says:

    Thank you. This convinced me not to tune up my car

  8. glennjgd says:

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