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18 Responses to “Auto Repair: Ford OBD-1 Trouble Code Tutorial (1 of 2)”

  1. bmws94 says:

    HELO! Peugeot 306 / BMW 750IL OBD/OBDII???Thanx! Hy!

  2. thehardcunt says:

    very helpful vid, eventhough im using a 98 falcon, most of the info is relevant THANK YOU

  3. xXwhygodwhyXx says:

    my obd1 is different I dont have to do that to my car I just plug this $20 sensor in and it flashes.

  4. rhblakeman says:

    One thing that could be mentioned – the “code key” is a simple jumper – nothing special. You can use a 3″ wire with stripped and tinned ends to jumper the little self test input connector to the #2 connection on the EEC plug and you can use a “test light” for 12v from the battery pos to #4 self test output (pointed end of test light into #4). Good video though, takes away the mystique of the flash codes that the dealers want you to be afraid of so you depend on them,

  5. shithead2333 says:

    any1 know where i can get a obd1 scanner or troubleshooting tester?r they the same?

  6. undertake782 says:

    Hey, I accidnetly went to the driver side of my Ford Explorer 1995 and pulled the little thing exposing a dummy OBD plug is what it seems. Then, I plugged my wires in and I think I short circuited some random components. Can you tell me what the dummy thing did and what I fried? O_o

  7. gtrracer9107 says:

    you can get a scanner from just about anywhere but it wont reset them if needed

  8. gtrracer9107 says:

    i have a 95 explorer XLT 4.0 ltr V6
    i have a check engine light on so i when and got the codes scanned and it pulled up a bunch of codes all for the EGR valve high pressure not working properly bla bla bla etc.. ok so i replaced the EGR valve my self but its still throwing engine codes do they need to be reset? the stupid lady at the ford dealer said they reset them selfs with in 20 drive cycles? which i think is a crcok of shit if you ask me any suggestions?

  9. ozmedia says:

    @undertake782 The ODB1 plug on a 95 Ex should be on the ‘passenger’ side, behind the main power distribution (fuse) box.

  10. ozmedia says:

    @shithead2333 For ODB1 you just need a paper clip between teh Self Test and Signal Return ports. Or you can use a test light as in this video or buy an OBD1 scanner (waste of money).

    For OBD2 – you need a tester. Forget the little handheld jobs, go for something like AutoTote or ElmScan with decent diagnostic software (like ScanXL), and a notebook computer. WAY cheaper and a lot more info, including runnign engine monitoring.

  11. ozmedia says:

    @rhblakeman or just put a paper clip in it and read the codes from the check engine light.

  12. ozmedia says:

    @bmws94 Depends on year, all cars sold in North American after 1996 are OBD2. From 88-95 is OBD1. In England they didn’t start using OBD2 until around 2001.

  13. rhblakeman says:

    @ozmedia Sure but I prefer insulated wire other than the contact point – less chance of any shorts. Good point though.

  14. ozmedia says:

    @rhblakeman: On shorts. of course a piece of wire, even with little clips on it is easy enough, but really not needed, especially on the roadside, in a pinch.
    You can cross any of them without shorting anything. It is SO low voltage and is not susceptible to shorts. When I was a ford tech. paperclips were the norm when a tester was unavailable (or dead as so commonly found).

    Thank God for OBD2 and PC based testing!!

  15. ozmedia says:

    @xXwhygodwhyXx – That’s exactly the same actually. These are just other ways of getting the same codes from the OBD1 test socket for free. The plug in readers for OBD1 are generally manufacturer specific, whereas jumping the plug works whether it is Ford, GM etc.

  16. ozmedia says:

    @thehardcunt – 1998 Falcon is OBD2, a completely different standard that was initiated in 1996 for all vehicles sold in North America, other countries followed suit later. Your OBD2 socket cannot be jumped, you need to use a scanner.

  17. ps3mw2pro says:

    is there any way of getting the codes with a paper clip and use the check engine light with my lincoln mark VIII 4.6

  18. guayacan07 says:

    what a royal pains in the nuts !

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