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Auto Repair – Honda Crank Pulley Tool Use Also see link below to go directly to the article on how to loosen the Honda crank pulley bolt when other methods fail, like the big impact gun etc. The tech in the video (me)an ASE master technician, I first encountered a stubborn crank bolt on a Honda back in 1990. I remember the frustration of not being able to find the correct tool at the time, so when I started selling tools, I wanted to help others facing this problem. See my Honda Timing Belt Tips at Specialty tools are available there. Our Google profile is here

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25 Responses to “Auto Repair – Honda Crank Pulley Tool Use”

  1. bryantrn says:

    Bottom line use the special tool, impact sockets, impact extensions, jackstand, and breaker bars with long cheater bars.

  2. huhfug says:

    does anyone know the honda part number for this tool

  3. Sirrom0206 says:


    I need one of these right now!

  4. BlakeHaught says:

    It’s hard to find this at just any auto parts store. We just put a new head on my 94 Civic Ex today. (love that car) lol. Had to take that out to get into it deeper to time the engine. We used an Impact Wrench at about 125 psi Worked like a charm for us.

  5. CdnSpecOps says:

    do you have videos for vw cv axle shaft bolts

  6. lovemym16 says:

    get a Dewalt Corded impact wrench and an oxyacetylene torch to heat the bolt and hit it with the impact. Use the corded Dewalt b/c it has 345ft-lbs of torque and an endless power supply

  7. jujutube123 says:

    I think you should invest in a better impact gun min 800Lbs tourge. Such as CP Turbo or Air cat. The one you got is from Walmart 19.99. LOLO. Also start learing how to use gas tourch. It will help you alot.

  8. dehsah says:

    ha ha, That is some nasa automotive engineering to get that bolt loose.Love the breaker bar to floor wedge:) I am a auto tech also and have replaced many t-belts on Accords and Civics and can tell from experience that those Honda crank bolts are the tightest out there. Sometimes I can bust them loose with my 3/4″ impact 😉

  9. AlessiMike says:

    Thanks for making this video and sharing how to do this. I am buying this tool after already breaking the nut loose with a chain wrench. DO NOT USE A CHAIN WRENCH. It will damage the pulley no matter what you put around the pully.

    Buy this tool to get the nut off for a timing belt change.

    Also, make sure all marks are lined up perfectly and you put timing belt on in sequence shown in manual.

    I got it all back together to find I was one tooth off.

  10. schpenxel says:

    Well, yesterday (and today, lol) were my first run ins with the all mighty honda crank bolt..

    I’ve broken two extensions and two sockets so far and the thing hasn’t budged. I’m going to go get some 1/2″ extensions tomorrow. I only had 3/8″ extensions so I tried using those. NOT a good idea.

  11. istayaway1 says:

    Good vid. If only it went as smoothly.. Im sure you edited out all of the cussing and frustration lol

  12. 3ald3eaver says:


  13. pedal5 says:

    just use a better gun (1 inch.)…. lube your gun! are you doing a tbelt? hmm maybe if you lossen the motor mount( will give you a lot of space)

  14. christhesnaildriver says:

    Also, using the brakes “In gear” is no good when, like me, your honda has an auto box!

  15. bacdafucup2778 says:

    very good video. informative as well thanks!! thumbs up to you man!!!!

  16. RobertGary1 says:

    How much pressure do you figure you’re putting on there? 150 maybe 200 lbs? Why not just use an 800 lb impact wrench? Wouldn’t that pop it off easily (It did on my GM).

  17. pointblank0182 says:

    hey i seen that cheap blue point impact gun before lol, yeah if thats the impact you are subjected too, then buy the tool. Wait maybe its a mac impact. Denslor honesty question could 1000 ft lbs. of ingersolrand impact break that bolt free without the special tool?

  18. DenLorsTools says:

    Ingersoll Rand, close when you guessed Mac (that’s who makes theirs). A 1,000 ft pound 1″ impact gun will almost surely work. How many guy’s have access to one of those in their driveway?

  19. dirtbikemike69 says:

    Tried this just now… feel like Im going to break my 1/2in drive extensions. Wish I had a 3/4in drive 19mm…. One of those crank holder tools work well though. Some dumbass must have over torqued mine.

  20. yahouaz says:

    Stupid piece of *hit Honda. Ok back to changing my accords timing belt.

  21. myshadowz205 says:

    could’ve turned on the engine. it’ll turn itself but you’ll need to put the ranch or w/e at a fix point

  22. syphilistic says:

    Smart use of the jackstand to prevent the extensions from flexing.

  23. myshadowz205 says:

    could’ve have just turned on the car and the wheels will turn when you had the ranch goin to the ground

  24. 12GaugeLosAngeles says:

    Wow… i know nothing of cars. Looks friggin interesting since i like guns…

  25. dbflyboy917 says:

    honda sucks!!!

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