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A mass air-flow sensor is used on fuel-injected vehicles to tell the computer how much air is going into the engine. Discover why a mass air flow sensor must be removed in order to be checked with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on auto parts. Expert: JB Hebert Contact: Bio: JB Hebert is a machinist, metal fabricator, and auto mechanic who has been fixing and modifying all things mechanical for over 20 years. Filmmaker: David Pakman

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25 Responses to “Auto Repair : How Do You Clean or Check a Mass Air Flow Sensor?”

  1. Molokai17 says:

    how often should u change your air flow sensor?

  2. scrimmo says:

    Do not ever spray carb cleaner or any solvent on a MAF sensor like this guy has just done. A MAF sensor is a sensitive electronic part which requires electronic contact cleaner or MAF cleaner. Carb cleaner contains a lot of crap which will leave a residue and destroy certain plastics and electronics. Don’t do what he did.

  3. greenbull56 says:

    you should not have to unless their is a issue with it.
    you really shouldnt have to touch it unless it is needed or if your cleaning it which doesn’t need to be done often

  4. svtlight420 says:

    INDEED!! Why risk a carb cleaner when you can just use a “mass air flow sensor cleaner”. There is a company called CRC that makes one.

  5. TheBaddestRedneck says:

    No carburetor cleaner! No brake cleaner! No draino! No gasoline! No solvent! Use ONLY Mass air Flow Sensor Cleaner or you will ruin it immediately Buy it cheap at walmart. DUH!

  6. 73mathesar says:

    Ive always been told never to use carb cleaner on a MAF sensor. They sell a MAF sensor cleaner made by CRC at autozone / pepboys etc.

  7. emanxavier says:

    I dipped my MAF Sensor in Johnny Walker Black, and the problem was fixed and the car ran great.

    for 10 seconds

  8. 101alva says:

    wut if i accidently disconnected it.. an ran my car for about 15 secs.. an reconnected.. will it effect my sensor????

  9. jettarulz says:

    Bosh mass airflow sensors usually are already split no cleaning required 🙂

  10. clebervic says:

    my 96 accord is using up to much gas, do you guys think it might be this sensor is messed up?

  11. BlueRice says:

    how do you know its using too much gas? this sensor could be it but im not sure. all i know if its mess up it will use less gas and cause lean. more air then the gas. you will feel way less power than before.
    but it could cause to unburn fuel and may use alot of gas

  12. BlueRice says:

    also get it tune up. check for vacuum leak and tune the air and fuel ratio.

  13. zzzdrill says:

    Always use MAF Sensor Cleaner…. NEVER use Carburetor Cleaner!!! duh

  14. spunisphun says:

    I also recommend Dipping the mass airflow sensor in johnny walker black, or rather, pouring johnny into a “air”osol pump thing and spraying it on the MAF

  15. sunnyddude says:

    u just need a tune up.

    change the spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap/rotor, and an oil change.

    after that it should run perfect. everything i just said is performed at a shop when you pay for a tune up.

  16. FixFalcon says:

    @zzzdrill what’s the difference between MAF cleaner and carb cleaner?

  17. Xiph0s55 says:


  18. HunterCO1 says:

    Dip shit never use carb cleaner it leaves a residue either use brake cleaner or electrical cleaner.

    Most likely you need to go to school and learn to use a fucking lab scope jackass!

  19. HunterCO1 says:

    @spunisphun come on dude why waste the walker drink it and piss on the air flow sensor. might as well use your dick as the “air” osol and not waste the booze. LOL 😉

  20. bizzyfingers says:

    @hunterCO1, isopropanol.

  21. bizzyfingers says:

    the resistance is measure through heat. as the cool air passes it cools. ISOPROPANOL is probably best to use

  22. HunterCO1 says:

    @bizzyfingers Well after 20 years in the biz do it every day for a living and useing brake cleaner and or electrical cleaner. It has worked just fine on thousands of maf sensors. Google does not make you smart just a hint!

  23. bizzyfingers says:

    @HunterCO1 i work as an electrical fitter for the traction and rail industry. thats why i know of it. our manufacturer uses the ULS version in a white tin. I did not have to search on google, there is no need to be defensive mate. Im not a threat, i just like to help people, thats all.

    Peace, BIZZY

  24. HunterCO1 says:

    @bizzyfingers no problem but you don’t work on automobiles I know nothing about trains and would not comment about something I know nothing about but that is just me. Not to mention show me how you spray brake cleaner from a white tin?

  25. mss829 says:

    Technical and very informative, however carburetor cleaner is a rather abrasive chemical for that application. Why not MAF sensor cleaner? Everything else seemed to be a careful approach.

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