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Auto Inkoop Bedrijf Auto Inkopers Taxaties & Waardebepaling 1A Auto shows you how to save big fixing an old automotive air conditioning system. Replacing an AC compressor on a 10+ year old car may not make sense. This can cost 0-600. If your air conditioning is broken and your compressor makes a lot of noise save yourself lots of money by installing an AC bypass pulley. This pulley costs about installs in place of your compressor and uses the same belt. This pulley works with 1992-2003 Ford Taurus, 1995-1998 Windstar, 1992-2003 Mercury Sable, and 1995-2002 Lincoln Continental.

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2 Responses to “Auto Repair: Install Air Conditioning Compressor Bypass Pulley Ford Taurus 92-03 –”

  1. hp11208 says:

    good info

  2. Vavervam says:

    Great Video!! My AC clutch and pulley bearing just went out so I bought a shorter belt but the backside still rubs the pulley…I plan to use this method just to get the compressor out, It is extremely helpful to have a video guide, hopefully it goes as smoothly as he did it. Thanks!

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