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Cleaning up battery leaks on a car requires safety and the use of safety glasses. Use a wire brush to clean car battery leaks and corrosion with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car maintenance and repairs. Expert: Tom Brintzenhofe Bio: Tom Brintzenhofe has been a mechanic for the past 17 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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3 Responses to “Auto Repair & Maintenance : Clean Battery Leakage”

  1. coolboy4965 says:

    nice video!

  2. iamaGod357 says:

    bad advice

  3. WAKEUPshift111 says:

    If my car won’t turn on right now…. but I clean the corrosion off, will I be able to turn on the car without a charge? – doesn’t make sense but I’m hoping to save some money…

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