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When changing brake pads on a car, make sure the car is jacked up, remove the bolts on the caliper and remove the brake pads. Replace brake pads in a car with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car maintenance and repairs. Expert: Tom Brintzenhofe Bio: Thomas Brintzenhofe has been a certified mechanic for the past 14 years, and a certified master mechanic for the past eight years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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25 Responses to “Auto Repair & Maintenance : How to Change Brake Pads”

  1. connelly6375 says:

    isn’t there shims and grease and stuff?

  2. lowridingtrucks says:

    These are the general steps to change your brakes. You can do your own by following this video

  3. eddylz18 says:

    It’s just n example people ofcourse u have to change the rear break pad to, hey just wanted to make the viv short, 2* but it’s not good enough ^.^

  4. GangreneVagina says:


    What the hell are you talking about?

  5. GangreneVagina says:


    Dipshit. He DID replace the inside (not rear, INSIDE) brake pad out, they just didn’t show it in the video because it’s THE SAME AS REMOVING THE OUTSIDE! This is just an instructional video. Inside is same as outside, so why drag the video out?

    Don’t believe me? The old pads are rust colored and the new ones are shiny gray – 1:10 they’re both rust colored and at 1:35 you see both pads gray. Come on, people!

  6. helipilot3333 says:

    Excellent video. Informative and not too long. Thanks!

  7. princessahh1 says:

    thank you. u just saved me 300 bucks. i just lleft monroe muffler that was their quote on new pads. :0

  8. ocol81 says:

    @kimchijeegeah2 your an idiot that shit isn’t hard and if you think it is then you shouldn’t be touching cars

  9. rubberbandman03 says:

    its not a lazy brake change, he does this all the time he can do it fast,

  10. kimchijeegeah2 says:

    he forgot to reinstall the back brake pads =

  11. gs5774 says:

    Remember to remove the reservior cap first, as you could spray brake fluid over the car when you push the piston back. Add an anti-seize grease to the back and top of the brake pad to avoid seizure and squeal. Remember to use torque settings when tightening bolts.

  12. adelonic1 says:

    i agreed he didnt show the last pad but u can see the new 2 pads on its simple like the 1 to replace not hard thx nice video

  13. TylertheGeek28 says:

    i did this on a car like 2 years ago forgot how to do it lol

  14. KingKassius says:

    he made it look easy and its not that easy for a beginner. i push the caliper back with a c – clamp.But my mother actually told me what to do so it must be easy …. it just took me all day.

  15. kemshifarm says:

    is there a better tool to use to remove a pad from a cliper than a C-clamp? whats it called?

  16. Ridoch says:

    great video

  17. jimmydash says:

    If you know that the rotor is not overworn, or gouged and all you need to do is replace the pads, then this video is very good.

    Too often people only realize their brakes are done when they have a grinding feeling and noise coming from the brakes, when applied. That usually indicates the pads are gone, and the metal backing is grinding into the rotors. More steps and more money to fix right.

    If your brakes aren’t fixed properly, you could void your insurance. Be careful what you are doing.

  18. 26dolla says:

    loooks like rob scnider

  19. aziqbal says:

    cant u just push the calipher pistol back with ur hands?

  20. f1fan84 says:

    he didnt forget , notice when he pushes the piston back hes already place the pad in the back of the caliper

  21. guerrillatactical says:

    How do you get rid of that huge paragraph right in the center of the video? I can’t see sh*t!!

  22. guerrillatactical says:

    How do you get rid of that huge paragraph right in the center of the video? I can’t see sh*t!!

  23. cillher says:

    Thanks….This video made it easy for me to change my brake pads for the first time.

  24. 7inchexhaust says:


    bottom right hand corner of screen. CC.

  25. opsvideo2008 says:

    @wc9394, Spray it with WD40 and wait for around 3 minutes. If possible, extent the length of your ratchet using a hollow metal tube, so as to leverage and increase your torque force, or alternatively use a longer rachet.

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