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The disc brake pads on a car can be changed with the help of a ratchet and socket that will fit onto the bolts holding the calipers in place. Remember to push the pistons back when changing brake pads with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car maintenance and repairs. Expert: Tom Brintzenhofe Bio: Thomas Brintzenhofe has been a certified mechanic for the past 14 years, and a certified master mechanic for the past eight years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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23 Responses to “Auto Repair & Maintenance : How to Change Disc Brake Pads”

  1. morozovsv says:

    thanks. looks very simple.

  2. lathan1977 says:

    is that the same for the back wheels too? I have a 96 ford windstar.

  3. metalobscurite says:

    thanks a lot!, very simple 🙂

  4. oandtmaster says:

    it depends, if they are disk like the fronts are, then yes. if they look different then they’re drums. drum brakes are different, they have a lot of springs inside. i’ve never messed with them though

  5. slughead78 says:

    Great video! Made it look simple and not confusing by taking the whole brake off and dangling on the brake cable!

  6. djmussy18 says:

    thanks you bro, your the best, and whats that tool called that you push your break cylinder in with? anyone?

  7. rtsoccerplayer says:

    you probably have drum brakes…man…drum brakes are soooo complicated! so many parts…

  8. RememberOne13 says:

    thanks alot! this was one of the best done videos i have seen from expert village.

  9. fancyboyz says:

    i have mazda mpv also, n this will be my first time change break pads n i wondering i need to resurface the disk brake??? before i put new brake pads in??? do i really need it?

  10. SteveZussou says:

    great vid.. one of the best break pad vids i’ve seen. That tool makes life easier for sure!

  11. beanhead1996 says:

    Do all calipers lift up like that by unscrewing one bolt?

  12. virtualguitarist says:

    Cool, looks easy enough. My blazer started making a high pitch sqealing noise and is getting worse. The sound is coming from the back wheel so i figure its time to change the shoes. Thanks for the demo!

  13. spitoncat says:

    I hadn’t tried changing pads in over 25 years. This video made it look so easy that I decided to try and save myself some bucks. The only difficult part (not for me) is lifting the tire. Anyone can do this if they have the strength to lift the tire. Great video! Thanks. GRADE A

  14. spitoncat says:

    A c-clamp also works very good.

  15. flinares1 says:

    thank you,

  16. madedd02 says:

    in every car its different, isnt it?

  17. ZiotheZero says:

    ”keep 1 hand to have that lifted up from getting your hand when you’re workin.”

    1:12 third hand right? ;p

  18. surfandsand2 says:

    Thanks Tom…That was a great instructional video. Straight and to the point. The other goober heads spend 20 minutes of my time showing me how to jack up the car before getting to the brakes. Your vid is great.

  19. bordenarve says:

    You did this in 2 minutes. It took me 3 hours. Show us more!!

  20. swiftprov says:

    exact same process for rear brakes?

  21. inala1made says:

    thanx mayn

  22. Marquise14 says:

    Best Video Ive seen on changing brake yet… fast and straight to the point

  23. 4inches4u says:

    Yea right, the caliper NEVER swing up that easy. And what about changing the clips? And no anti-seize?

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