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Check car tie rod ends by drawing a line from the steering knuckle assemble down to the tie rod and seeing how far each side of the tie rod moves. Look for one line of a moving tie rod while the other stays in one place to indicate a problem with information from a certified master mechanic in this free video on auto repair.

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18 Responses to “Auto Repair & Maintenance : How to Check Tie Rod Ends”

  1. neohotch says:

    Thanks for your videos, they are very helpful but in this one the camera man didn’t catch the last part.

  2. erikpmort says:


  3. 89tin says:

    get the camera off the guys back and focus on the tie rod assy pls

  4. scarface9917 says:

    and god said let there be light…na jk seriously i cant see anything

  5. popplewort333 says:

    The thing to check for is rust inside the rocker panels.
    Not good minus a frame.
    Also, subframe attachment points usually are rusty.
    never let rust form between the chassis and the subframe bushing.
    Oh, there is no subframe?
    Well, what do I know.

  6. Lovepoem101 says:

    Bad video. Can’t see anything with his back in the way. Should have just smack him clear.

  7. digimon916 says:

    well it doesnt really matter, he says everything u need to know. pretty much if the lines dont stay align the whole time then its bad. just move the rotor back n forth to check it….

  8. brizzx32 says:

    My tires are wearing out really fast, could that be because I have a bad tie rod?

  9. dtrip09 says:

    if your tires are wearing out you need an alignment

  10. DuraToTheMaxxx says:

    alignment or balance issues

  11. trompomix says:

    non sense

  12. daviddpb75 says:

    Cool! Thanks Man!

  13. dsanchez74087408 says:

    can anyone tell me how to tell the difference TRW vs ZF steering rack for a vw?

  14. dub6pimp says:

    whos the dummy behind the camera. looking at the shoulder like “hmmm what do i do about this guy in my way of the camera’s view?” move the damn thing over a little is what you do dummy

  15. spidledl says:

    sure the video is bad, but he clearly explained how to do it, he even said what he was doing when he got in the way of the camera . Bad job on the cameraman lol but the video itself serves its purpose.

  16. spidledl says:

    @brizzx32 the vehicle is out of alignment, but if your tie rod ends are bad, or your ball joints are bad, they will tell you at the shop when you go get it alligned. You cant allign a vehicle with any worn parts.

  17. FrmDstryr says:


  18. cddragonslayer says:

    I finally found a use for my sidewalk chalk 🙂

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