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One way to check to see if a mass air flow sensor has gone bad is by tapping on the engine when it’s running to see if it stumbles. Find out how to remove a mass air flow sensor to check if it has gone bad with help from an ASE-certified master automobile technician in this free video on mass air flow sensors. Expert: Clark Mason Bio: Clark Mason is an ASE-certified master automobile technician. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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9 Responses to “Auto Repair & Maintenance : How to Know if a Mass Air Flow Sensor Is Bad”

  1. newmanto03 says:

    dude your car was probably at 2 rpms while the car was turned on and without moving the throttle

  2. Getitrightstupid says:

    Tried that and it worked! 🙂

  3. stavrique says:


  4. dwharris757 says:

    thanks for the help

  5. MakeItAwkward says:

    thanks…. why were you mounting that car tho lol

  6. 4thsubaru says:

    this was very helpfull thanks

  7. jeffrockr says:

    my mass air flow gone out of its cylicone tube i think because there was too much pressure… and the car runs and the mass air flow seems to stay in its place when i dont completely put it in the cylicone tube… can somebodyexplain me how i can put it all in without making it pop out its tube

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  9. PresidentOfTheBlack says:

    hes breathing like he came back from having sex.

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