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Individual vehicles serve different purposes and are built to run on a certain octane of fuel or gasoline. Call a dealership or consult the owner’s manual of a car before buying gas with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car maintenance and repairs. Expert: Tom Brintzenhofe Bio: Tom Brintzenhofe has been a mechanic for the past 17 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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14 Responses to “Auto Repair & Maintenance : How to Purchase the Right Gasoline”

  1. CrocMania says:

    These videos are perfectly boring, but one day someone will come along and want to know about one of these subjects.
    That’s why these videos are so good.

  2. thestig321 says:

    no no expert village u lost a subber

  3. ieberhart says:

    always run premium fuel, burns cleaner, hotter, more efficiently, less loss. cmon, gas is low price right now, enjoy it before it goes up to $50/gal.

  4. GlockNinja says:

    People keep saying that it doesn’t make a difference what fuel you use in your car. Those people are retarded. The higher octane fuel keeps your system cleaner making the engine last longer with less need for tune up type maintanence. With higher octane, you also get a quieter ride and better performance. But if you are trying to save money, then go with the lower octane. Especially if you are not interested in keeping the car more than 10 years or running at top performance.

  5. GlockNinja says:

    Why? Its good advice. When a Gas station really have 93 octane in their tanks to give to their customers, and you really get 93 octane in your car, you can tell the difference in performance from 87 octane. Might take a tank or two to clean the system but eventually you will see that the engine makes less noise and your car picks up and goes faster.

  6. farhmoha says:

    I thought that he was gonna look under the hood or do some diagnostic test.

  7. bennydollar says:

    that was nothing

  8. 53531640 says:

    Your right, I had an engine in my Corolla stuff up. the mechanic reckoned it was because the ordinary unleaded fuel in Australia didnt have a high enough octane and I should use the premium unleaded. It does make a difference to performance, with less depression of the accelerator pedal to get to the same speed, a smoother ride, and I am sure because it ran better I got better mileage.

  9. jeanjones9154 says:

    Who takes time out of their day to talk about gas? I feel like a jackass for clicking on this.

  10. simracr94 says:

    higher octane doesn’t help you if your car doesn’t need it. Higher octane gas has more volitalness (if thats even a word). Basically, if you put 87 octane in a corvette, it will cause knocking, or premature detonation, which will pretty much ruin your engine.

  11. GM572 says:

    If you put higher octane fuel in your engine, what ‘s gonna happen is this: your engine valves will get really pwned and soon enough your engine ill lose its compression. That leads to loss in power and erratic behavior. So watch out what type of gasoline you put in your engine. And by all means don’t put Diesel in a petrol engine or petrol in a Diesel engine.

  12. CharlieDoan says:

    It say 87 or better!
    I put 89 or 91 octane. Is that okay for 4Runner? 3.4L V6

  13. CharlieDoan says:

    Manual say 87 or better!!
    In the USA got 3 kinds 87 89 and 91 Octanes
    How about “better” I use 89
    Or every 3 months 1 full tank with 91 Octanes
    * 87 or better??

  14. CharlieDoan says:

    100% Agree with u. I use 91 Octance in all my Toyota from day 1 to 300,000 miles and sale to buy another new car. I got no problems at all about FUEL..
    SUPER UNLEADED 91 run hot, more clean and car or bike or boat RAN BETTER

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