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Replace car headlight bulbs by removing the headlight covering, taking off the electrical connector, unlocking the headlight ring and taking out the bulb. Use the reverse procedure to put in a new car headlight bulb with help from a certified master mechanic in this free video on auto repair.

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11 Responses to “Auto Repair & Maintenance : How to Replace Headlight Bulbs”

  1. jon02002 says:

    Very helpful

  2. eugenesiu says:

    Fixed my wife’s car headlight. Great video.

  3. eugenesiu says:

    Fixed my wife’s car. Great video

  4. hackalabac says:

    Good for Honda Accord 92. Thanks

  5. ramiri22 says:

    thank you soo much. very helpful tip.

  6. poloNINJA says:

    the electrical connector does NOT come off that easily… I had to remove my battery in order to get enough room to do some MAJOR, finger-breaking pulling apart. It’d be nice if you mentioned that difficulty varies.

  7. rjskal10 says:

    Very helpful video. The electrical connector can be a little stubborn. On my ’97 Accord, I pressed the clip in with one hand and then simultaneously lightly struck the connector with a flat head screwdriver with the other hand.

  8. Tilly1307 says:

    Many thanks.
    this worked a treat

  9. dhurdler38 says:

    I have a ’94 accord… It worked like a charm, thanks.
    Although I had some trouble myself with the electrical connection.

  10. sssnnnyyy says:

    what about a 2005 honda accord????

  11. carlanmartin says:

    how about a 2000 nissan altima

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