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A car radiator can leak in the tank, the core or in the radiator hoses, and a crack in the aluminum or plastic parts can’t typically be repaired. Learn about fixing a leaking radiator along the seam with help from an ASE-certified master automobile technician in this free video on car radiators. Expert: Clark Mason Bio: Clark Mason is an ASE-certified master automobile technician. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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7 Responses to “Auto Repair & Maintenance : How to Seal a Car Radiator”

  1. juanoporras says:

    thanks for sharing! really nice video

  2. 26jhood says:

    i have a leak on the top on the plastic can i fix it

  3. deathparade32 says:

    unfortunately, fixing a plastic radiator is very problematic, as you cannot braze or solder it like an all brass or aluminum one

    although i have seen a plastic welder from harbor freight for $35 that i have thought about repairing a radiator of my own using this method although i have not done it yet, the best bet is to replace the whole radiator

  4. MrBullzilla says:

    I have a 96 dodge ram pick up. The brace fitting coming out of the radiator to the tans. line is striped is there a way to repair this?

  5. Ampdriver says:

    What about around where the hexagon nut is coming out at the little hose

  6. shizty98 says:

    I dont know where they found this guy but he does not know what hes talking about. He’s probably a shadetree mechanic or something.

    Im a radiator repairman and I can tell you that a plastic alluminum radiators are repairable 90% of the time. The way we repair “craked tanks” is by replacing the tank with a new tank, not welding it like he says or putting epoxy on it. And Repairing leaks in the core are easily welded. U never want to pour anything in ur radiator thats not water or coolant.

  7. yertle406 says:

    Can you solder an aluminum radiator on the trays? Or use JB weld?

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