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To use a torque wrench, set the weight appropriately and only use it to screw things on, listening for the click when the appropriate amount of torque is reached. Avoid damaging a torque wrench by trying to unscrew things or using adapters with the wrench. Learn more about torque wrenches with information from a certified mechanic in this free video on tools. Expert: Thomas Brintzenhofe Bio: Thomas Brintzenhofe has been a certified mechanic for the past 14 years, and a certified master mechanic for the past eight years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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25 Responses to “Auto Repair & Maintenance : How to Use a Torque Wrench”

  1. edprush says:

    What do you recommend for deep sockets if not an extension?

    It would have also been helpful, I think, to see a close up of the setting on the wrench.

    Nice video. Thanks.

  2. DjEndurancE says:

    Thanks for the helpful instruction!

    And in reply to the other posters…
    Since he is using a deep socket, I assume that would work for you too. You’ll probably need one for just about any car, since the lugs are usually recessed into the wheel a ways.

  3. narquespamley says:

    Too far away to see what he was doing.

  4. HorrorAngel666 says:

    yeah whats up with you saying dont use extensions? how are you supposed to do spark plugs??

  5. 305supersport says:

    is it bad to unscrew a torque wrench all the way (below its lowest recommended setting)?

  6. sofujun says:

    would it be wise to use a torque wrench when putting in new spark plugs?

  7. ChicanoJr91 says:

    u can use extensions jus not adaptors, adaptors change the whole reading and your torque wrench reading will be off.

  8. wolfpacguy says:


  9. DARKSCOPE001 says:

    u can use adapters (length extensions) but u will have to recalculate your torque value. i believe it to be torque wanted/torque applied over torque wanted/ length of extension in inches. double check me on this but yes infact it is possible to add extensions. I recently had to do this while installing a hartzell prop from a continental engine on a cessna 210 (that’s an airplane for the lamen) do u think the faa is gona let us put props on willy nilly?

  10. forcefedlies86 says:

    He never said how to get your proper settings he just said find the proper setting, if you follow this guys instructions your gonna fuck your car up!!!

  11. TheLatchford says:

    just put your spark plug in using a conventional spark plug spaneer,if your a big ,just remeber that you are and dont forget that ,haha otherwise get a slim guy to doIT,start her up,if shes passin get the thin guy to tweech her. A SPARK PLUG IS LIKE A LADY ,ITS JUST KNOWIN HOW FAR TO TAKE HER LOL

  12. 1940films says:

    Thank you!

  13. knutfheifer says:

    What is wrong with you people, if you use a 1lb hammer and tap it against your standard wrench, each tap will produce 10ft/lbs, so if you want to tighten wheels, then tap it 9 times, hope this helps as torque wrenches are very in-accurate and will damage bolts very easily, don’t buy one, dont use one! you have been warned, snap on tools invented them to build parts for nasa and soon realised that they do nothing but damage to parts and components, use the hammer techique, much more accurate!

  14. mrjost55 says:

    @knutfheifer lol

  15. mrjost55 says:

    I’m sure people buying torque wrenches know enough to find their specific torque for the wheels

  16. gunblade19 says:


  17. 3elwoo says:

    I guess the technical manual of your car says that.

  18. black27696 says:

    That’s a different type of force. 10 ft/lbs of directional force just means that it’s the same as dropping 10 lbs. 1 ft, it has nothing to do with torque. I hope to God you were kidding with this post.

  19. knutfheifer says:

    not at all! the accuracy is much better with my method, do the calculations it makes sense and then tell me i was not wrong, good day

  20. 69charger440sixpack says:

    Ok, so if a lug nut requires to be at 70 ft lb of torque i set the wrnech to 70, tighten it and listen to the clicking?

  21. 86f150l says:

    I agree that for most stuff you dont need a torque wrench but alot of stuff on the motor you need to use one or you will ruin something like yes they would damage something if you dont follow the torque specs in the manual I personally use an impact gun for alot of stuff but if you dont have one do what you said

  22. knutfheifer says:

    thanks, to be honest i went out and just bought a tq wrench to simplify matters

  23. illusorymail says:

    Removed your reverse switch? Not a good idea because you may need to put on a nut with reverse threads some day…!!

  24. wafrederick says:

    The warning paper in most wheelbearing boxes are full of BS.I do not torque the axle nut and use an impact instead to tighten the axle nuts.I have not seen one wheelbearing fail yet after I tighten the axle nut with an impact.The warning says you can ruin the bearing this way which is full of BS when tightening an axle nut with an impact wrench.

  25. golindaguy says:

    I watched a dozen videos on torque wrenches, and this one is the best. It explains the principles and dos and don’ts in easily understandable terms for a newbie.

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