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An intake manifold leak is best determined by listening for a loud hissing noise that occurs when the engine is running. Discover how to use soapy water to confirm an intake manifold leak in a car with help from an ASE-certified mechanic in this free video on auto repair and maintenance. Expert: Tom Brintzenhofe Bio: Tom Brintzenhofe has been a mechanic for more than 17 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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25 Responses to “Auto Repair & Maintenance : Signs of Intake Manifold Leaks”

  1. oflodoriksenok says:

    you are a big madafakar and fadafakar, but never a mechanics, fuck you asshole!!

  2. aikaha says:

    On my car my water pump is right next to my timing cover, could be your water pump.

  3. cougar1233 says:

    To aikaha: You have no idea how right you are. Found a new mechanic. Turned out to be my water pump and radiator. Replaced both. So far no antifreeze leaks. Only been a few days since the repair, though. I have my fingers crossed.

  4. jasonman1515 says:

    when you have the mustang on, do you see white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe.

  5. matthagedon says:

    Personally I would not want to introduce any moisture into the combustion chamber. Water doesn’t compress 🙁

  6. mgmjferg89 says:

    hmmm what about coolant leakage? forgot to mention that bull shit. gotta leak on my 4.6 plastic intake.

  7. mgmjferg89 says:

    i’ve gotta 4.6 in my grand marquis but my intake is leaking from a crack in one of the tubes. you could just be leaking out of the gasket that surrounds the coolant rather than the valve chambers

  8. mysubsbang says:

    i am a real mechanic as well man good words of wisdom water in combustion chamber very bad idea

  9. mysubsbang says:

    it would be a 4.3. a 4.6 is fords new smaller v8 they put in stangs.

  10. mysubsbang says:

    probably your water pump ford didnt use plastic intake gaskets.

  11. mysubsbang says:

    my bad man i shoulda read further along lol

  12. mysubsbang says:

    eventual the intake will fully blow and leak coolant into your engine siezing it.

  13. mgmjferg89 says:

    uhm i have a 4.6 mercury grand marquis. they started to put the 4.6 in lincolns, then crown vics and mgms then cougars and tbirds THEN mustangs… must not have read that right… u said there were signs to a manifold leak on regular cars. the 4.6 has a completely plastic intake that cracks and leaks within the coolant passages. MY SIGN ON MY LEAK is its dripping out of the crack onto my #4 spark plug, filling the tunnel and shorting out the current causing a misfire…intake manifold LEAK

  14. mgmjferg89 says:

    i only saw one reply so i responded to that, ford didnt use plastic gaskets, but thats not whats bad on my ride, the actual intake has gone bad. 108,000 miles and its finally there. the plastic tube that goes from my intake to the heater core has a crack at the base of it, leaking coolant down the side to cyl 4 like i mentioned. i’ve got a new intake sittin at home ready to go, but the same pipe is still plastic, even though the front thermostat coolant passage is now aluminum

  15. MininakaHai says:

    Actually, if you take off the oil cap while the engine is running and the engine automatically shuts off, BINGO!

  16. mglrida89 says:

    @mysubsbang i got a question if i may lol my car didnt start bcuz theres water got in to my intake manifold somehow and i took it a part cleaned it.would there be any other damages caused by the water???

  17. mysubsbang says:

    maybe there is a way to remove this plastic tube if there is find a copper pipe instead of plastic to put in its place. only bad thing to that if your in a cold envirenment never let it freeze itll break to lol but it should handle the heat better and not crack so soon.

  18. mysubsbang says:

    wow dude i didnt know they put plastic gaskets in ford i thought they didnt lol. damn not cool.

  19. mysubsbang says:

    i think my lumina is leaking like this lol nothing in the engine yet all leaking outside of it so far but soon i am replacing it i have to lol.

  20. mysubsbang says:

    did you remove the spark plugs and or replaced them?? possiby water logged there if you did not.

  21. mglrida89 says:

    i didnt remove either replace any spark plugs but the car just started and i saw “hot and rusty water” leaking out between the bbk throttle body and the intake manifold…im just wondering why???

  22. mysubsbang says:

    make a video of whats going on explain and show whats leaking and we can all take turns telling you what it is. some one ill haveexperianced it and tell you the right specific problem.

  23. TheGreatCorneliuski says:

    I’ve used Quickstart to check for leaks. But it is dangerous. One time I had cleaner in flames but lucky it evaporated right away. You have to have a ready water hose with valve for fire hazard jobs like the fuel pump.

  24. digitalmixer says:

    how do you get to the knock sensors on a 2002 tahoe ls and re place them can you show me how to do it please

  25. digitalmixer says:

    2002 tahoe v8 4.8lt ls vortex
    when taking out the intake to get to the knock sensors how do you relieve the fuel injectors so they dont spray gas at you is there a tool or a way,so that doesnt happen

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