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16 Responses to “Auto Repair: Mass Air Flow Sensors – Testing and Replacing (1 of 2)”

  1. Jossephenesilva says:

    Its funny that I am going through problems with my 1992 Buick Century and it is dying at idle. Now no check engine light comes at all so I dont know if im going to get any feedback of codes. And its ironic that im searching for videos of M.A.F. problems and i just happen to see that this testing is done on the exact engine that my car has. but im very unsure of what my problem could be.

  2. pipoytoro says:

    deberian subir los videos subtitulados en español.. gracias

  3. ThatsTooSmall says:

    what kind of meter is that? ohm meter? or amp meter?

  4. garys737 says:

    Lets make mountains out of mole hills…..jesus

  5. kreigsmann says:

    if you even think your MAF is not working absolutly perfectly
    just replace it
    dont buy a 50$ retard detector to see if its bad

  6. ynnebbenny says:

    Where can I find information about how it actually works. As is what it happening electrically between the air movement and the sensor.
    To that guys who says, just replace it you even suspect its faulty, did you know they cost $180 AU each?

  7. somethingtough says:

    What can happen to your engine if you dont upgrade your MAF and you modify the engine and it pegs the MAF

  8. jao216 says:

    right now my dads is shot so we cant go above 25 mph

  9. dmorley100 says:

    Just up and replacing it may not be the best idea if you think it’s bad cause a lot of MAF’s are pretty expensive. A dirt cheap way to test a MAF is to unplug it and go drive your car/truck. If your problem goes away, you’re gonna be fairly safe in betting that the MAF is bad.

  10. dmorley100 says:

    Basically, it’s got an electric current that it pulses through a wire to heat it to a cretain temperature that it gets from the vehicle electrical system. The frequency they’re measuring is how often the MAF has to pulse this current to keep that wire at temperature X. There’s no actual electrical reaction b/t the air and the sensor, just how often it has to pulse current to keep a wire hot.

  11. Dannycattt says:

    What type of universal tester is it?

  12. lovemym16 says:

    u r in limp mode

  13. maycor1076 says:

    This is not the best way and inaccurate way to check! Its not accurare except for the tabbing part. A meter is not as fast enough to be able to read signal. The best way to test is with a scope because you can see signals up to millisecond which a meter can’t and meter would not work on new model vehicles but a scope will.

  14. rostine1980 says:

    im have the code p0113 coming up on my 03 impala.. ive replaced the intake air temp sensor and its still runnin like shit… anybody give me a sugestion?

  15. raphael621008 says:

    Excuse Me. Have you a translation to Spanish of this repair? Or Can You give a copy of your text? I understand better text english

  16. nexpro1 says:

    where do you get these connectors for testing

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