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Auto Inkoop Bedrijf Auto Inkopers Taxaties & Waardebepaling 1A Auto shows you how to change the speed sensor on a 1995 Honda Accord V6. This procedure is similar for many Honda and Acura vehicles. When you have a bad speed sensor it will result in your accord or civic speedometer bouncing, reading erratic and just not working or malfunctioning.

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9 Responses to “Auto Repair: Replace Install Vehicle Speed Sensor VSS Honda Accord Civic Odyssey Acura CL TL 92-01”

  1. thequake180 says:

    cool thanks

  2. 1aauto says:

    @thequake180 Glad to help, please check out our website or visit us here on youtube next time you need parts or information 1AAuto dot com. That is 1A not like the steak sauce! 🙂

  3. CheckItDontWreckIt82 says:

    Thanks that video is really helpful. Do we also need to buy the metal looking part that attaches to the speed sensor that you installed in this video?

  4. 1aauto says:

    @CheckItDontWreckIt82 If you are referring to the shaft that goes in before the sensor bolts on it does come with the sensor that you would buy from us.


  5. beatz32 says:

    yup i fixed this myself only takes 10 minutes

  6. vonnail says:

    Fixing mines tomorrow, very good video. I already knew where it was located and how it looked.

  7. Sandeep9201 says:

    would a bad ABS sensor set the ABS light on?? i have a 02 civic si and the driver axle was replaced and after that the ABS light went on. The old axle’s teeth were grinded up because the lower ball joint ate the teeth because the lower ball joint popped up out of place rubbing against the axle teeth and now the teeth are new on the new axle and the lights on. so bad sensor maybe??

  8. campbellsolo19 says:

    @1aauto I have a 1995 honda accord v6 ex 2.7L and it recently started to shift late at higher rpm, such as 2or3k rpm to hit 2nd gear i belive and it didnt seem like the tach was showing the right speed could this be the VSS that is causing this? thanks

  9. 1aauto says:

    @campbellsolo19 More likely it is the coil or the cam position sensor.

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