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Auto Repair Scam (Funny)

Girl brings her car in for service but she gets…

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13 Responses to “Auto Repair Scam (Funny)”

  1. iMaster101 says:

    BITCH!!! YOU FUCKING STOLE MY VID ASS HOLES!! Then your report me, wow ur fags.

  2. BaxtorArtard says:

    / You been SCAMMED! /

  3. gothickthulu says:

    holly crap what an idiot and what an asshole

  4. YoungJay0507 says:

    OMG WOW!!!! what an Asshole its sad

  5. TiburonFXT says:

    This has to be fucking fake, but rather funny 🙂

  6. MurphOil45 says:

    hahahaha nice!

  7. ntajlor says:


  8. stewiesgal says:

    a little over the top but not far from the truth

  9. shelonda0390 says:

    “Someone removed the transmission………yea, just gone.” “the transmission? Don’t you need that?” LMAO!

  10. ntajlor says:


  11. cesarubiatch says:

    This is good. Show this to all the dumbfucks that get services done without having knowledge of what is actually getting done. All it takes is a simple Google and being literate.

  12. tweeetme says:

    sooooooooo gayyyyyy!!

  13. ndaguanno says:

    @TiburonFXT its a radio station prank call.

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